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Writing Constructive Map Reviews
Guide Writing Constructive Map Reviews

February 17, 2024

Learn how to write and leave constructive map reviews that can actually have a positive impact for mappers with this guide!

Getting Started with Mapping Levels
Guide Getting Started with Mapping Levels

January 31, 2024

There are more than 100,000 maps on BeatSaver but you still may not be able to find the song you want. Anyone can learn to make their own maps with the resources available on this page!

The Beasties - 2022 Winners
News The Beasties - 2022 Winners

February 11, 2023

Your winners for the 2022 BeastSaber Mapping Awards announced!

The Beasties - 2021 Winners
News The Beasties - 2021 Winners

January 23, 2022

Your winners for the 2021 BeastSaber Mapping Awards announced!

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