Intro to Community Events

Community Events on BeastSaber

As we continue to add more features to our rebuild, we are excited to finally have the Community Events feature set up and ready to go! On our homepage - below the verified mappers' feed and above the leaderboards - you'll find 6 upcoming events, and clicking on "See All Events" will get you to every single event ever displayed on our site! Across all of them, you'll find various types of structured and well-planned Community Events among a spectrum of different hosts.

How are these events structured on the site?

We try to make it easy for you to be able to find something you'll enjoy without having to join a bunch of Discord servers (unless that's something you want)!

  • The main title of an event will usually be a link to the host's website, to a BeastSaber-created "landing page", or to wherever the event is actually being hosted. If you're trying to watch or observe the event, this link will usually get you to where you need to go.

  • The host of an event will usually be a link to their main point of contact, whether that be their website, their Discord server, Twitch channel, etc. If you're looking to participate in the event, this link will usually get you to where you need to go.

After an event has passed, the event will be pushed to the bottom of the upcoming events on the "All Events" page in a backwards fashion. So the most recent past event will show at the top of the "dimmed" out events. Want to find the oldest event? Go to the last page and scroll to the bottom of the "All Events" page!

Where do these events come from?

The events listed on our homepage and our Community Events page are compiled from various community members, Discord servers, and the community Calendar that the "Beat Saber Tournaments" group maintains. We try to do all the searching for you and bring it to you all in one "easy to find and read" place - with that added bonus of not needing to join Discord servers!

How do I get my event on the site?

If you host structured and well-planned events, reach out to TheCzar1994 on Discord! As long as your event is structured, well-planned, and has appropriate moderation in place to keep the event suitable for all users, there's a good chance we can get you added!

Why are some events not shown on the site?

We try to get all events vetted to meet a minimum standard prior to featuring. Event hosts that are known to host quality events are typically automatically put in our list of events. On the other hand, lesser-known event hosts may need some additional vetting. When that is completed, events can then be listed.

You can view the calendar maintained by the "Beat Saber Tournaments" group below for all events (including those that are unvetted)!

*Calendar displaying goofy? Go to the Google Calendar here