Artistic Walls Vol. 1

40 maps that push the limits of Beat Saber mapping!
Make sure Mapping Extensions mod is installed. Choose Lawless diff if available.
May cause lags on Quest and low-end PCs.…


The Dark Side – Muse

Difficulties Easy Expert
0 0

Mapper: kuritsadbs Taaaaaaaake me frooom the Daaaaark Siiiiiiiiide! I love this song !!!WARNING!!! This requires Mapping Extensions to play! Don’t say I didn’t warn you Song: The Dark Side…


USAO – Try again

Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: silverpoint pepeJAMJAM Notes: 2939 Notes/Second: 9.43 BPM: 170 NJS: 21, -0.3 Length: 5:11…


Run [WIP]

Difficulties Expert
0 1

Mapper: swetspaget this is the start of my first beatmap and I would love some feedback on ways to imrpove/add to the song if you would pm me any feedback on discord that would be amazing <3 swetsp…