DuckTales Opening

Difficulties Expert
195 2

Mapper: 4strofan Opening by Felicia Barton Just a simple but fun map of this song from childhood! 😀 FC: &feature=youtu.be…


Honk Honk

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: domevr Song found from Twitter at: https://twitter.com/sensenzawa/status/1184495960396849152 Idea from QTpop Tweets by QTpop_Twitch…


SOOHAN & Mr Jennings – This Is Halloween

Difficulties Expert
0 1

Mapper: santaklau Artist: SOOHAN & Mr Jennings Song: This is Halloween Release: 2017 Album: https://soundcloud.com/soohan/this-is-halloween-soohan-mr-jennings NJS: 16 BPM: 93 StartOffset: 0 Change…


New Kids Theme Aids

Difficulties Easy
1 0

Mapper: dennileon1 Thank yoUwU @SirWali For Letting me use ur face as cover. Everyone downvote agane. Ya all cute af. Much Love To Whoever Is Reading this Shit rn.…