Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: wh4t no, this isnt a kids themed level. this song contains disturbing content specifically for children. be warned for you children that you may or may not have


Damjan Murko – Šok

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: cookiesaber Shock! Oh my god! Expert only with custom lighting. 704 notes | 16 NJS | 0 bombs | 5 walls Here’s an invite link to Slovenian VR gaming community on Discord (https://…


Ramalama (Bang Bang)

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: fellowish A map that’s built to make you feel both powerful and weak. I would recommend dancing to it (it’s easier that way). If you liked it, check out my kofi https://ko-…


The Big Black

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
2 0

Mapper: midddd I reworked the entire thing to make it just a bit easier and even added some difficulties incase you cant do some parts of the map 🙂 HARD – now has no burst.. at all, no 1…


sink to the deep sea ocean

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: wdg_saint i wanted a complex vibro challenge, so i made one myself. im prob the only person thats gonna like this. lights by autolighter because im lazy