HRK – Sekiro ‘Ready to die more than twice’

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Mapper: yuiiop3 Third Beatmaps. I hope you enjoy.♥ เพลงที่สามที่ผมทำ หวังว่าจะทำให้สนุกกันนะครับ♥ I do not own this song. All the credit goes to “HEARTROCKER”. This song is NOT “Copy…


Harvest Moon Night

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: hale-bopp Tiny little life in the woods Hakumei & Mikochi TV animation ending theme…

Calvin J

thanos asrm

Difficulties Easy
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Mapper: bigkitten please downvote thanks gan for testing, thank you for downvoting, and thank me for accidentally submitting a score 🙂…


Bodyslam – Last Light (Thai Song)

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: yuiiop3 This is my second Beatmap. I hope you enjoy!!♥ Although I’m not good at mapping but I tried my best. I do not own this song. All the credit goes to “Bodyslam” This so…


Kakariko Crypt (Cadence of Hyrule)

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Mapper: pixelman546 “Kakariko Crypt” from the game “Cadence of Hyrule” on Nintendo Switch. Song composition by Danny Baranowsky, and Beatmap made by Pixelman546. This is my fir…