Kasei (TerraGenesis)

Difficulties Hard
1 0

Mapper: gymleaderheather Kasei – TerraGenesis OST TerraGenesis is an indie mobile terraforming simulator available for iOS, Android, and Windows. Created by solo indie developer Alexander Winn, …

light ai

Seiryu – AO-Infinity

Difficulties Expert Expert+
13 2

Mapper: light ai Thank you for all the likes on the first version, this is a reupload for scoresaber ranking. Thanks altrewin for the mod. Map Info: Song: AO-Infinity Author: Seiryu Length: 3:37 BPM: …


WHITE ALBUM – Touma Kazusa (Mapping Extensions required)

Difficulties Expert
4 0

Mapper: moechiaki 「白い雪が街に 優しく積もるように」 「就像白雪装饰着整条街 悄悄地不断堆积」 “It’s like the snow decorating the whole street, quietly piling up” Notes: 797 NJS: 15 NPS: 2.89 Walls: 8014 Lighting: 3407 Bombs: 0…


Dance of the Decorous (3-2)

Difficulties Expert
5 0

Mapper: hobodobo Made for the fans of the Crypt of the Necrodancer OST. This is the second song i made in the series (and overall). I do not put a huge detail in the lighting, so for most of the song …