Desert Slugs – Caspro

Difficulties Easy Expert+
27 0

Mapper: rexxz This is also one of my favs from Caspro with Dark Digital, so decided to map it aswell. His music is just hella relaxing E+ and Lightshow diff only BPM: 135 Enjoy



Difficulties Hard Expert
0 0

Mapper: callmemackey the other one was really bad so i wanted to make a good one. hard is just expert with lower njs (made for my friend nKri who is beginner). i just used the old file but i d…



Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
1 0

Mapper: that_narwhal ///Incoming Snow Storm/// Now with 3 diffs going for rank re-upload new improved edition of Exp+(again cuz im dumb) reuplaod was a nasty vision block If you find problems …