DuckTales Opening

Difficulties Expert
195 2

Mapper: 4strofan Opening by Felicia Barton Just a simple but fun map of this song from childhood! πŸ˜€ FC: &feature=youtu.be…


Ata – Euphoria

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: burchase this shit took me 10 hours to map probably very hard very tiring jumpstreams nice BPM: 190 Length: 5:35 Notes: 3231 NPS: 9.63 Arms: Sore I’ll probably need to reupload for ranke…


Fresh Static Snow

Difficulties Expert
1 0

Mapper: gaboguason1 Im want to start to create maps for Beat Saber and this is my first map in honor to my favorite artist in all the time, Porter Robinson, I hope you like it! Twitch: https://www.twi…


Loki – Wizard’s Tower

Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: ceddy. The first map i’ve finished ヽ(β€˜ βˆ‡β€˜ )γƒŽ. Pretty basic except for the jumps, they are experimental and consist of a few triangles. If you have some feedback you can message me on dis…