Desert Slugs – Caspro

Difficulties Easy Expert+
27 0

Mapper: rexxz This is also one of my favs from Caspro with Dark Digital, so decided to map it aswell. His music is just hella relaxing E+ and Lightshow diff only BPM: 135 Enjoy


Journey – Tokyo Machine

Difficulties Expert Expert+
40 1

Mapper: pink My first map! 2,412 Hand-made lighting events which both diffs share. The difference in difficulty between Expert and Expert+ is small, Expert should be seen as more of an acc ver…


TWICE – More & More

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: yerinbuddies I like this song, So I decided to get it done 🙂 4th Map – A bit harder then usual but… To contact me: @Yerinbuddies#5046 – Discord or… Join the K-P…


Toromaru – Enigma

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: qqrz997 My submission for the building blocks 2020 competition i will be pushing this for ranked status in the future; if anybody else is ranking this song message me on discord @quinn…