RINGO – Surrender

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: aaltopahwi Such a horrible song. I hate it. I h a t e i t. As much as #)=¤/=€${@&!/) Working on it too much despite that caused a ?!#%&l %¤)#k=!”) of !”#½. Lights a…


Can DPS Once More

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: kanvas Parody Written and Recorded by Fareeha & FitzyHere Parody of Love is an Open Door from Frozen 2013 Walt Disney Records Artists: Kristine Yde Eriksen, Christian Lund Writers:…

chloroxeclean Comedy Hip Hop Rap

Gravy Train-Yung Gravy

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: chloroxeclean Sorry for the first fail. For those fortunate enough to have not played the previous upload I did, everything was reversed. This one, however, should be all good. I also …