lynxprod Rock and Roll

Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry

Difficulties Easy
1 0

Mapper: lynxprod My first map. I noticed that there was a far smaller selection of easy/normal/hard songs than Ex and Ex+. Also, I got tired of looking for songs, only to realize they didnR…


Chali 2na – Black Vapor

Difficulties Expert
0 0

Mapper: altusclura I made this map while I was dying, and I finished it a few days before I went to the hospital. turned out pretty fun, hope you all enjoy!


sick loop v4

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: ezconfirmed (maybe for rank so maybe reupload) i have no clue if this map is any good or not i never playtested it but here Expert+: NPS: 7.91 Top Notes: 28% Bottom Notes: 32% Expert: …


Catharsis ( 6-lane )

Difficulties Hard
2 0

Mapper: arzether Gameplay: & MAPPING EXTENSION REQUIRED This is a Hard difficulty 6 lane map. Inspired by the VRchat rest and sleep room. 🙂