Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: dontshootme Another map to play while we are all staying at home stay safe beat saber fam! <3 Video links: The beat saber fam is doing our part by staying at home here's a map f…


Tea Timerz – 1993

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1 1

Mapper: xhera This map was commissioned by Mattvrbeta who is half of Tea Timerz! I genuinely loved mapping this, was super fun. Please check them out, their stuff is real good!


Dance Monkey

Difficulties Expert+
5 0

Mapper: thelitlewiseowl Dance monkey bongo cat cover. moew moew style. not a typo, the song is in moew moew style. Big thanks to DeleteElDiablo for hitting the auto light button for me. check …


onumi – DESIRE

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: shadow probably my favorite map I have ever created with my favorite lightshow made by the canadan (219278) ranke soonTM (once I decide to map lower diffs)


Ghost-camellia (new one)

Difficulties Expert+
0 0

Mapper: grasswalk my fourth map it can’t be perfect but it takes me a lot of time good luck and enjoy 🙂 I delete 11 times for the map because my process in mapping is poooooor 🙁 (a new one)

specvr Reggaeton

La Cancion

Difficulties Hard
0 0

Mapper: specvr I hope you enjoy 🙂 Song By Bad Bunny and J Balvin Discord – cone time#5913 Steam – NotTriSpec Twitch – ConeeTimee