Desert Slugs – Caspro

Difficulties Easy Expert+
27 0

Mapper: rexxz This is also one of my favs from Caspro with Dark Digital, so decided to map it aswell. His music is just hella relaxing E+ and Lightshow diff only BPM: 135 Enjoy


Journey – Tokyo Machine

Difficulties Expert Expert+
40 1

Mapper: pink My first map! 2,412 Hand-made lighting events which both diffs share. The difference in difficulty between Expert and Expert+ is small, Expert should be seen as more of an acc ver…



Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: pixxlycube Please camellia stop capitalizing every letter in your word. I have 3 difficulties, yes. I said I have 3 difficulties, not necessarily that it was easy.


Infected Mushroom – Spitfire

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: pixxlycube Welcome to the 7 minute long full version of the map with a title that has absolutely nothing to do with spitfire, mushrooms, or cats. Oh also 3 difficulties so yay for all …