USAO – Cyaegha

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
0 0

Mapper: timbo! Thanks to Jabob for the initial mod and thanks to Kival for the mod during Queue. This is prolly the last USAO song I’ll rank, I hope you enjoy this quartet of maps. @Timbo#1337


Good Golly – The S.P.Joy

Difficulties Expert
0 0

Mapper: oryanpup A map designed for Expert players progressing to Expert+ difficulties. That said this map has some nice fast parts and could be enjoyed by Ex+ players. Should work on all plat…


Pokku’n – Prime [Dynamix]

Difficulties Expert+
1 0

Mapper: nanacat My 5th Map! 自作譜面5作目。Dynaminxより”Prime”です! 今回は程よく難しく、そして楽しい!を目指してみました Ex+のみでリズムは殆ど本家Dynamixをリスペクトしています! C…