Cover of the Map of the Week

Eve - 夜は仄か (Yoru wa Honoka)

By pyrowarfare Verified

It is well done, it flows nicely with the music and I had a lot of fun playing it.

Cover of the Map of the Week

Various Artists - Beat Saber OST Megamix

By Alphabeat Verified , FireStrike_ Verified , jamman360 Verified , Lethrial Verified , Pixelguy Verified , Bytrius Verified , ETAN Verified , Timeweaver Verified , nitronik.exe Verified and mcchucho Verified

Each section has it's own flow and speed, thus it never gets bored - something thats really non trivial with a 12 minute map + having a full spread of difficulties.The dedication of the artists on this map shows that although Beat Saber by itself is a good game , what makes it GREAT and worth while past the first 15 minute hype is the MODDERS community with thier creative thinking, thus expanding the games potential anew each time !Keep up the amazing work :) !

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