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[Cinema] UNITE IN THE SKY (あうりん mv ver.) - unity-chan

By misterlihao Verified and Ge2toro Verified

Incredibly fun map which both top diffs represents music with perfection, lights with cinema are stylish. Friendly to players of all kinds of skill levels too.

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パン野実々美 - アゲテケぴえん!feat.aMatsuka

By okazu

Impeccable pattern composition, representation and emphasis, transitions also immaculate. Full spread so there's something for everyone.

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Virtual Riot - Fork Funeral

By Avexus Verified

Absolute banger of a song with great representation as expected by Avexus; and cool Chroma lights in the Interscope environment!

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Delta Heavy & MUZZ - Higher Ground (feat. Cammie Robinson) (Short Edit.)

By Darkrealm7 Verified

Very wide range of diffs with 12 diffs in total, spanning from your usual Standard Ex+ to Easy, OneSaber Ex+ to Easy, and even a "Lawless" Poodle diff, you're sure to find something to enjoy here. Cool lights to go along with it! Only wish it wasn't a short edit song!

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Set It Off - Why Do I (with Hatsune Miku)

By Ge2toro Verified

Great exhibition of fun factor consists of bouncy patterns and smooth flows that match up with the energy of the song, amazing lights too.

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By Lalahti Verified

Incredibly fun map that features satisfying swings, excellent movement, and perfect emphasis in the patterns.

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Deekey - I'm A Human

By oegoe Verified

Good mapping that has a nice flow with really nice use of noodle walls to help with the movement.

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[Chroma] NOMA - Brain Power (ARsiel cover)

By take_nyan Verified , yas , mikuri Verified and sofmoh

Genius work in vocal mixing, mapping, and lighting to present a map with a variety of experiences; from speed, to tech, and fit, with two lowers for accessibility, all of which completed with high standards.

Cover of the Map of the Week

aespa - Drama

By eurnkung Verified and minsiii Verified

Super fun dancy tech patterns that fit the song and were super fun to play. It has a well done light show that compliments the map really well. It was a well done collab, both mappers were able to keep the same vibe and feel throughout all the diffs.

Cover of the Map of the Week

[V3 Lights] Space Laces - In The Place

By Avexus Verified , Rxerti and Spinvvy Verified

The top diff has a lot of energy, variety in patterns, and absolutely represents the spirit of Balanced maps with moderately fast patterns, some body movement, and engaging patterns. The two downmaps provide a nice progression that will still prove challenging and intense to less experienced players.

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Geoxor - Killa

By danrabomb Verified

Good use of arcs and chains throughout, with nice representation in the lighting, and, being a full spread, is accessible to everyone

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YOASOBI - 勇者 (Yuusha)

By chikinbiskit Verified and Poochy

Full spread with fun tech on the top 2 diffs geared towards more advanced players and consistent quality in representation on the lowers

Cover of the Map of the Week

Excision & Sullivan King - Bass To The Dome

By Avexus Verified and Rxerti

This map stands out for its great emphasis and fun patterns that feel great to play, as well as a cool lightshow.

Cover of the Map of the Week

(G)I-DLE - Wife

By meoaww Verified

This map stands out for its great range of difficulties; featuring fun and interesting patterns that represent the song perfectly with great flow throughout!

Cover of the Map of the Week

Kool-Aid - Bring Me The Horizon

By Bytrius Verified

Extremely satisfying mapping with great representation, full spread and nice vanilla lights.

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