On behalf of the entire curation team, we are really excited and proud to present Beast Saber! So much love has gone into creating this site.

What is Beast Saber?

The goal of Bsaber is to help make finding fantastic Beat Saber maps to play easier. It does this by categorizing the thousands of songs on and lets you sort by a song’s genre and many other attribute tags. It also has a full social feature where players can review songs and comment on them.

One of the most used features is the “Curator Recommended” feature where a team plays through most songs released each day and recommends the ones that stand out, letting you automatically download these in-game.

Mods & Songs

If you’re just here to find out how to install songs or mods, then you can jump straight to the PC Install Guide Here or the Oculus Quest Install Guide Here

Main Site Features

1. Curator Recommendations

The Curator Recommended (CR) section on the site is an hourly updated list of all of the best maps that come out each day. These maps have been tested and analyzed by a trained Bsaber Curator and approved for quality. You might not enjoy the genre or artist of ALL of these maps, but at least the mapping will be high quality.

If you have the BeatSync mod installed, you can have all of the maps that receive a curator recommendation automatically downloaded when you launch Beat Saber along with having a playlist of all of them created.

2. Genre Tagging

Bsaber analyzes and links to multiple databases to find out the genre of a map. If a match isn’t found, we also have a tagger team that will help add tags to songs. When you’re browsing maps, you can filter by a specific genre so that you can find maps to play, with music that you love.

3. Top Trending Maps

When you click on “Songs” from the menu bar, you’ll have the ability to browse the top trending maps for a specific time period. This uses an algorithm that analyzes reviews, upvotes and downvotes, play counts, etc. to reveal top trending maps. You can narrow this down to show specific difficulties, like the top “Expert” songs or top “Rock” songs that came out in the past week, month, etc. You can also filter the list to show maps that have been Curator Recommended (CR) or have been Ranked (R).

4. Map Reviews

Open a map’s page to see the reviews that have been left for that map. In the song below, the song has an average score of 4.5 / 5 from 41 reviews.

The first score that you’ll see is an average score of the 6 criteria from all reviewers.

Many of these reviewers left a review in-game and didn’t type anything out. If you scroll down, you can then see individual written reviews left by bsaber users from the site.

To better understand the 6 Reviewer Criteria categories, read this article for an in-depth explanation:

Understanding The Review Criteria

5.  Playlists

Playlists have been a HUGE part of bsaber since the beginning. We wanted a way to recreate the magical experience we had when we launched Beat Saber for the first time (before modding was even a thought). The game sent players through a playlist of one amazing map after the other. When we first got custom maps working, they were (and still are) so “hit or miss” that they never provided quite that same experience.

Playlists change that so you can load up a curator created playlist and just enjoy the songs, one after the other, and experience quality mapping all the way through.

If it’s your first time learning about playlists, download all of the “Songs with Fantastic Flow” playlists, our BSMG 100k Contest playlist and the BSMG Anniversary Song Pack playlist first.

For the last two mentioned, many of the top mappers in our community came together to map an amazing all new playlist of songs in ALL difficulties, so that all players could equally enjoy the packs.

6. Follow Favorite Mappers

We initially built all of the bsaber social features just so that we could build this one feature. If you find a mapper that you consistently enjoy, click on their name or search for it and on their profile, click on the “follow” button.

You can then see a list of all the maps that come out of ONLY the mappers that you follow. If you have the BeatSync mod installed, you can have these songs automatically downloaded in-game and a custom playlist created for you of all of them automatically.

7. Create Your Own Playlists

BeatDrop 2 is an amazing tool we helped build to make creating playlists and managing your existing songs easier. It connects with Bsaber to easily open any song, download it, add it to a playlist, etc. Go here for a full BeatDrop 2 tutorial and to download it.

Support Us

If you find Beast Saber to be useful, please consider supporting us on our Patreon. It’s a bit costly and time consuming to keep the site running and your support is what keeps it running each day, ad free. It also goes into helping the Beat Saber community overall. Bsaber patreon support is what allows us to run BSMG contests, tournaments and provide support to the community in many other ways. Thank you, we couldn’t do this without you!!

Connect With Us

Please also join our Beast Saber Discord. If you’re interested in applying to become a curator, we have an application process set up there. We also have a forum you can ask questions in. Please let us know if you find any bugs on the site in either of those.

If you’re not already in our BSMG Discord, this is one of the largest Discords in the world with over 200k members. You can connect with other players, get help with moding or mapping or just hang out. You can also browse our BSMG Wiki to find additional help.

Thanks for helping to make this BeatSaber community so amazing!

– The BEASTSABER Curation Team