How To Download And Install New Custom Songs & Mods On Beat Saber

| March 22, 2024

If you haven’t played custom songs yet and are just getting started with Beat Saber, we’re excited for you!

You’re about to experience a whole WORLD of new content and the ability to experience “inside” your favorite music like only VR allows! It’s really a magical experience.

The modding experience for computer-based VR (PCVR) and Meta/Oculus Quest standalone VR is a bit different. Be sure to read the right section for your headset!


While mods are not required to play basic custom songs, mods can enhance your gameplay experience and unlock some nifty mapping effects. To get started, you’ll just need to download ModAssistant

Installing Mods With Mod Assistant

  1. First, click here and click on the Latest release of ModAssistant.exe file to download

This will download a small ModAssistant.exe file that you can place anywhere on your computer for future use and doesn’t require installing.

  1. When you first launch Mod Assistant, it will also try to automatically locate where you installed your game. If it can’t find it, you will have to manually locate the folder.

  2. You’ll be prompted to agree to the terms of use. Please read through these carefully as they’re important, mainly for the health of our wonderful community and relationship with Beat Games.

  1. Once you agree, you’ll be able to click on the “Mods” button. All of the essential or “Core" mods will be pre-selected, but you can add as many other mods as you'd like in addition to the Core mods. When ready you can just click on the “Install or Update” button.

    ⚠️ IMPORTANT: You will need to have run Beat Saber at least once after installing the game before installing mods.

  1. That’s it! You can now launch your game and enjoy all the wonderful mods that the community has built! You can always open ModAssistant again later to install more mods. We recommend against installing every mod at first as you’ll likely be overwhelmed by all the new options - and you may run into issues. Instead, take the time to learn about what each mod does. Click on the "Mod Info" button after selecting a mod to read more about it.

Standalone Quest VR

Getting custom songs on the Quest requires a little more work than with its PC cousins. There are two pieces of software you’ll need: SideQuest and BMBF or QuestPatcher.

Quest Modding usually runs well behind PC Modding. Please be patient! The Community Modders volunteer their time so you can enjoy your game - let them work out their fixes so you can enjoy a bug free experience!

The Beat Saber Modding Group Wiki is the best place to get the latest information, but here’s a quick step-by-step:

  1. Make sure you have the latest BeatSaber mods available for your moddable game. Keep in mind that Quest modding is usually well behind PC modding so you will likely need to downgrade. You can find the latest mods by clicking here

  2. Using QuestPatcher, click "Browse" and open the mod pack you downloaded from the link above

  3. Now, from within the game, you can click on "MORE SONGS" to search and download songs

Want to look at how to get more songs? Click here!

If you have any issues, join the Beat Saber Modding Group Discord Server and ask your question in either #pc-help or #quest-help. Happy Block Slicing!

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