Getting Started with Beat Saber

| Published on February 17, 2024

So you are new to Beat Saber? Maybe you saw someone play a cool map on YouTube or TikTok - but now that you bought the game you cannot find the map. Or maybe you just really like this game and would like to be part of the community? This guide is for you! We will explain and highlight the various parts of the Custom Beat Saber Community and point you in the right direction to get started.

Finding and Playing Custom Maps

One of the first things most players look for is how to access the custom maps they have seen elsewhere. The specific instructions will vary based on your gaming platform.

Playing custom maps does not require mods, although using mods is generally the simplest method to download them. Alternatively, if you prefer not to install any mods, you can manually download the custom maps and place them in the appropriate folder within your game's directory. For this, you need to find the map files and copy them to a specific location within your game's files. However, the mod approach is still recommended.

Regardless of your method, you will most likely be getting the maps from BeatSaver, where you can search for and view various maps.


Mods will allow you to download custom maps easily, compete in leaderboards, modify the game's appearance, and much more. Some maps may require additional mods to be playable. For detailed modding instructions, refer to the BSMG (Beat Saber Modding Group) Wiki which includes a beginner's guide on how to mod the game.

Note that certain maps may also require specific mods to play. These can include Chroma, Noodle Extensions, and Mapping Extensions. If you are interested in maps that require these mods, you can find them by using the "Requirements" filters on map selection pages.

Finding Good Maps

Once you have broken out of the beginner phase and regularly find yourself playing Expert+ maps you will find that the maps have quite a depth to them and distinct style to them.

At BeastSaber, we want to help you find great maps and such is the task of our curators.

Maps on BeatSaver can marked as curated which means one of the curators considered them fun. You can filter maps on BeatSaver to only show curated maps.

Additionally, you can check out the Maps of the Week - which will almost always have the following characteristics:

We also feature playlists on our home page! "Featured Packs" are reviewed by our team of Curators to be of minimum curation quality standards. You'll also find Packs for the Beasties, and other Curator Recommended packs! Want to learn more about Curation? Click here!

Competitive Play

Sometimes, the fun is in competing. If that's you then you will want the respective mods for BeatLeader and ScoreSaber. Both of these provide leaderboards for you to compare with friends or the world on custom songs. Using the mods you'll be able to submit your own scores (with the replays), see the leaderboard in-game and even collect performance points (PP for short) which are used to rank you in the world.


If you're here to mingle then you'll find many communities that might just be for you. We will be hosting a list of communities soon - so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out our smaller list of community sites and servers at the top under "Community Hub".

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