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So you want to be a Verified Mapper…

If you’ve snooped around the BeastSaber or BeatSaver websites you’ve seen maps marked a certain way:

BeastSaber map card showing verified status

BeatSaver map card showing verified status

A purple stripe on a map on BeatSaver or a blue check on a map on BeastSaber indicates that the map was uploaded by a “Verified Mapper.” You can access feeds of maps created by Verified Mappers on both BeatSaver and BeastSaber. But what does that mean and how does one become verified?

What is a Verified Mapper?

Until now, a Verified Mapper was a person who had either achieved the “Mapper” role in the BSMG Discord or the “Experienced Mapper” role in the Beat Saber Mapping discord. Mappers would submit their best maps to either (or both) application queue to be screened by veterans of the community for a solid understanding of mapping principles and creations that stand out from the crowd of more than 68,000 human-made maps.

Verified Mappers are also considered to be representatives of the community and are held to higher standards of behavior and professionalism. As of the writing of this article there were 368 Verified Mappers, of which 298 are “active” and have released a map within the last year.

How does the verification process work?

Why have two separate map screening/reviewing processes instead of one unified process? This article introduces a new combined application queue that includes representatives from BSMG, Beat Saber Mapping, BeatSaver, and BeastSaber! The BSMG team has contributed the use of their ticketing and contact system, all sites now have representative staff in the process, and a cross-site application review team has been assembled.


  • Submit three (3) of your highest quality maps to the review queue. The team is looking for maps that are above average, demonstrating mastery of mapping fundamentals and a solid grasp of intermediate concepts like consistency, emphasis, representation, and use of space and momentum.
  • BeatSage or other AI-generated or assisted maps are not accepted
  • Challenge-style or meme/****post maps (“loloppe” notes, vibro, other unhittable patterns) and the use of “pauls” or “poodles” are not accepted
  • Audio under 60 seconds and maps over 350 bpm or that contain extended sections that exceed 350 “effective BPM” will be disregarded
  • Collaborations where mappers split the work of placing notes in a single difficulty are not eligible. Lights and/or walls from another contributor must be credited in the map description
  • Only one map where you created one or more full “guest difficulties” (mapping) will be accepted. Downmapping difficulties created by others in the same map will not be accepted. The BeatSaver description must credit you for each difficulty to which you contributed.
  • If you are submitting a map that is in the process of being ranked, do not delete the submitted key. Applications with deleted or unpublished maps at the time of review will be rejected.

Once you’ve made your submission, all you have to do is wait! Queue times for the separate role requests took several weeks to many months. Having a larger team working a unified queue should speed up wait times, but patience is still key!

What happens if I get rejected?

Failure is part of learning! If everyone did everything right on the first try, how would we learn anything? The verification process is rigorous, with close to 50% of applications being rejected. The good news is that the verification team provides feedback to the applicant on what they need to improve on for their next request. As soon as they feel they have a better grasp of those concepts they are welcome to resubmit their application!

What happens if I get accepted?

Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of nearly 400 other quality mappers just like you! Successfully passing through the verification process, whether it’s your first try or your fifth, will grant you:

  • The purple Verified stripe on your maps and listing in the Verified feed on BeatSaver
  • The blue Verified checkmark on your maps and listing in the Verified feed on BeastSaber
  • The Mapper role in the BSMG discord (if a member)
  • The Verified Mapper role in the Beat Saber Mapping and BeastSaber discords (if a member)

Retention of this status is dependent on being a good representative of the mapping community and of the Beat Saber customs community as a whole. It is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked at any time for cause.

Ok, so how do I actually apply?

The verification team is clearing out the queue backlog from both old systems before working through the new queue. They are making great progress but wait times are still expected to be 1-2 months until the backlog is clear.

  1. Visit https://bsmg.dev/roleapps to get started.
  2. Click the Discord button on the login page to log in to the system/create an account.
    Yes, for now, a Discord account is required to submit. This post will be updated if/when that changes.
  3. Then click on the green plus (+) button to start a New Ticket.
  4. Select the Apply for a Role option from the What are you contacting us for? field and choose “Mapper”
  5. List the subject of your request as “Verified Mapper” or something similar
  6. Review the requirements listed above and submit your qualifying maps!

You can view the complete list of verified mappers here (until there is a better home for it). If you are already on this list from a past role there is no need to reapply again. The team is still catching up on reconciling roles across servers.

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  1. Moriik says:

    Thank you Helen for all the work you do behind the scenes and amazing write up post of the process!

  2. Sp234 says:

    Awesome article as always Helen ! 😀

    Really dives down into the requirements, goal and meaning behind the word “Verified Mapper”.

  3. jevk says:

    Haha funy gnost mop.

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