How To Download And Install New Custom Songs & Mods On Beat Saber

If you haven’t played custom songs yet and are just getting started with Beat Saber, we’re excited for you.

You’re about to experience a whole WORLD of new content and the ability to experience “inside” your favorite music like only VR allows! It’s really a magical experience.

The modding experience for computer-based VR (PCVR) and Meta/Oculus Quest standalone VR is a bit different. Be sure to read the right section for your headset!

PC VR: Rift, Index, Vive, WMR, etc.

While mods are no longer required to play basic custom songs, mods can enhance your gameplay experience and unlock some nifty mapping effects. To get started, you’ll just need to download

Mod Assistant


Installing Mods With Mod Assistant

  1.   First, click here and click on the ModAssistant.exe file to downloadCleanShot 2019-05-30 at 13.19.42@2x.jpg

    It will download a small ModAssistant.exe file that you can place anywhere on your computer for future use and doesn’t require installing.
  2. When you first launch Mod Assistant, it will also try to automatically locate where you installed your game. If it can’t find it, you will have to manually locate the folder (the Steam or Oculus apps can remind you where you installed it if you do run into this).
  3. You’ll be prompted to agree to the terms of use. Please read through these carefully as they’re important, mainly for the health of our wonderful community and relationship with Beat Games.CleanShot 2019-05-30 at 13.30.12@2x.jpg
  4. Once you agree, you’ll be able to click on the “Mods” button. All of the “essential mods” will be pre-selected and you can just click on the “Install or Update” button. IMPORTANT: You will need to have run Beat Saber at least once after installing it before installing mods. CleanShot 2019-05-30 at 13.31.37@2x.jpg
  5. That’s it! You can now launch your game and enjoy all the wonderful mods that the community has built! You can always open the app again later to install more mods. I HIGHLY recommend NOT just installing every mod at first, you’ll be overwhelmed by all the new options and you may run into issues. Instead, take the time to learn about what each mod does. Click on the “Mod Info” button after selecting a mod to read more about it.


Standalone VR: Quest 1 and 2

Custom songs are not natively available on Quest headsets so once you’ve had your fill of fantastic Beat Saber OST and Downloadable Content (DLC) you’ll have a few extra steps ahead of you – namely downgrading your game to the most recent supported version.

  1. Download and install SideQuest.
  2. Follow the instructions to downgrade your version of Beat Saber and install BMBF from our friends at
  3. Follow the remaining modding instructions in your headset to get up and running!

Getting More Songs

When you launch the game, you’ll now see a “Get More Songs” button in the main menu. This allows you to search for any custom songs, download them, delete them, preview them, etc. If you prefer to install songs outside of VR on your desktop, simply download any song through BEASTSABER with the “One click download” button.

SyncSaber is the newest and easiest way to get songs outside of your game. You now have the option to sync your Bsaber account with the game so that any map that you “Bookmark” from the website will automatically show up in the game. You can also “follow” mappers that you know are good and their songs will magically appear in your game every time they release one.

This is very convenient, because you can add maps for your phone, tablet, work computer, etc. and all the songs will be ready for you to play when you want to play!

Go here to get started!

If you have any issues, join the Beat Saber Mod Discord Group and ask your question in either #pc-help or #quest-help. Be patient – thousands of people around the world just got VR headsets for the holidays and are all looking for the same resources. Happy Block Slicing!

Comments (184)
  1. Alissar Kobeissi says:

    Heyyaa! Anyone having trouble not finding the mods menu in Beat saber after the update? Since the 90 and 360 degree modes i am dying to see what the community has created but I simply cannot find it within this new interface 🙁

    1. MadNads says:

      Ya this doesn’t work for me. I see a “Mod Settings” icon on the bottom left, but no way to see “Mods” or “Get More Songs”

      Really disappointing. I was hoping to play some familiar songs, but looks like this program is not working.

    2. Peterminat says:

      If you still have the problem then try changing the Folder from steamapps\common\Beat Saber\Beat Saber_Data To just steamapps\common\Beat Saber. It worked for me like 2 hours ago, but no one tells you this unfortunally.

    3. PlaySubtly says:

      Thanks for the guide

    4. Mods says:

      Thanks, just like you said. Try out Brawl Stars Mod

    5. Thanks so much for wanting to help!!

  2. elliotttate says:

    Thanks so much for wanting to help!! We added a Patreon page here: ❤️

    1. Alex says:

      Hi, I’m having an issue with beatdrop 2. I’ve got it installed and have all my mods and songs on there I want, but when i run beatsaber none of it is there.

      1. pulse mk says:

        I cant find my beat saber file

      2. jheuck says:

        I ran into the same problem.

        Pretty sure BeatDrop isn’t supported anymore. It only goes up to game version 1.8 (latest as of typing this is 1.10)

        Try using Mod Assistant instead. That worked for me.

      3. Richard says:

        Dobry den,da se nejak jednoduse tento mod nahrat do PS4 kde jiz hru mam..Dekuji.

    2. vladimir says:

      download wont work on my device, it says “ModAssistant.exe was blocked because it could harm your device.”

    3. vladimir says:

      download wont work on my device, it says “ModAssistant.exe was blocked because it could harm your device.” so the devs of the mod assistant has to fix that

    4. vladimir says:

      download wont work on my device, it says “ModAssistant.exe was blocked because it could harm your device.” so the devs of the mod assistant has to fix that.

  3. Shawn says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but with this new update out (today is Aprol 3rd) the link to re-install mods does not work and git-hub leads you to a 404 message, On a secondary note, if I already have these mods installed, is there a place I can go reactivate it?

    1. luke says:

      unfortunately due to the creator of modsaber’s wellbeing at the moment in time modsaber has been shut down

    2. Predop Xandaniqwalashanda says:

      shut up nobody asked

  4. lkhandcrafts says:

    I am trying to install on my quest the mod assistant, I immediately run into the issue where it cannot find my beat saber folder, where is this located? looking at my quest the closest i can come to is a folder called
    This PC\Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.beatgames.beatsaber\
    is this the right folder, and a step to step guide would really be helpful for us to pc illiterates , as the guide above targets the pc users and not those on quest imho

  5. Deliveration says:

    Is there any news on when Beatdrop 2.0 will be ready? It’s been a few days and I really like to get back to playing some good songs please.

  6. Orlando says:

    Any new update on when Beatdrop 2.0 is ready?

  7. keeTCh says:

    Is anyone else having problems with Mod Assistant after the new update? I follow all the steps and put on my headset and nothing has changed its just regular beat saber. The only thing different is in the Party section there is a Custom Song section with hundreds of songs that you can’t filter through. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    1. keeTCh says:

      (using a htv vive)

      1. hotkewlaid says:

        I am having the same issue on oculus. Haven’t found a solution yet.

      2. Beatsaber13 says:

        You have to reinstall everything every update because beat saber doesn’t support mods.

  8. Morphtown says:

    I have the ModSaber installer v1.2.7 and whenever I run it I get a Connection Error every time. I followed the steps above and I’m wondering if I’m missing something. I’m not super tech savvy or else I might be able to figure it out on my own.

    Specifically it says: Error: request to failed reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

    1. elliotttate says:

      Hmm, It seems to be a rare error with CloudFlare. It’s not something that can really be fixed since it only seems to affect users with slower network connections. If you’re still getting it after a little while, try this older installer here:

      1. Morphtown says:

        Thank you for the response. That worked perfectly.

        I did a quick google speed test and it says I have 200mbps down and 13.6 up. I’ll keep trying the modsaber periodically to see if anything changes.

        Again, thanks for the reply.

  9. Evan says:

    Will you be updating your blog with a more detailed tutorial once beatdrop2.0 is released?

  10. velwitch says:

    Hello !
    I’ve installed the 1.8 update of BMBF on Quest, but when I try to Synch anything, the folders (top played, new, ect…) are empty. In game and on the website. But most importantly, when I try to download anything, zip or with the auto installer, it just says ‘download failed’ .
    Any help ?

  11. Summer says:

    Not sure if you can help me out, but here I go… I have been an avid BeatSaber player for almost a year now. I currently use ModAssistant (I believe the same one you have listed in this article). When I start up my BeatSaber game, I no longer have the option to add mods or add new custom songs/maps. This has been an issue for a few months now. I have tried reinstalling ModAssistant, I’ve updated it, I’ve updated the game, and nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it so I can add songs in-game again?

    1. Seems that the moderator has stopped working on all his beatsaber projects. is a tailspin from here on out boys and girls.

  12. intezerium says:


    The “one-click to install” didnt work, right ? And same when you save a song ? i can’t find the BeatSync or “mod saber installer”. It is directly on BeatDrop, or i need to DL from another place ?

  13. trex1882 says:

    I can’t seem to install the mods with the new version of Beat Saber

  14. Djann says:

    I just tried downloading the mod manager, and it kept asking to check my internet connection because it failed to get version info. I know my internet connection is perfectly fine, so is this an issue with the app currently? Or is there a simple fix for this? Thanks in advance!

    1. elliotttate says:

      I’m sorry, not sure how I missed seeing these comments! Did it start working again? I believe the server was down for a couple hours that day, but should be good now. Let me know if you’re still having issues and I can walk you through it.

  15. Thomas Lloyd says:

    Using windows mixed reality headset the mod stops my controller from selecting menu items like solo party. It points at them but they don’t highlight like normal and I’m stuck.

    1. elliotttate says:

      I’m sorry for the delayed response, I assume you’ve gotten in working. If not, PM me and I’ll be happy to walk you through some things!

  16. Mohit. Mishra says:


  17. Andrew says:

    Does this not work with oculus rift? Can’t find where beat saber is installed

  18. Connor says:

    I downloaded the mod installer, but when I open beta saber it acts as though nothing has happened. Do I need to download songs first?

  19. Suncatcher says:

    Sorry if you’re already aware of the problem, but I just tried the new beat saber mod manager linked at the top to interface with the new site on the 0.13.2 version, and it went through the download process, claimed everything was installed, I start up the game and… nothing. I get a logo, and then I get an empty black void. No way to interface with anything and it seems to lag on a force-shutdown command. I’m using a VIVE through steamVR if that helps explain anything, but the game is entirely unplayable with the mods in this state.

    1. Suncatcher says:

      Just tried against with a clean download of the game from steam, a fresh download of Beat Saber Mod Manager v3.0.5, everything claimed to be properly installed, then everything crashed right after the title screen again. I’ve got a command line that opened at the same time, saying

      [CRITICAL @ 20:42:26 | UnityEngine] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      [CRITICAL @ 20:42:26 | UnityEngine] MainSystemInit+c__Iterator0.MoveNext () (at :0)
      [CRITICAL @ 20:42:26 | UnityEngine] UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at :0)

      It looks to me like somebody got sloppy updating one of the required mods and tried to send the pointer to a location that no longer exists, cause the whole thing to freeze eternally, but I don’t know what to do about that if it is the case.
      Does anybody know a cause or any kind of workaround for this?

  20. teht says:

    Why is this tutorial outdated?

  21. Christian says:

    someone help me I want to download custom songs on my ps4 but I don’t know please tell me that there is a way to do so

  22. Nikklas says:

    I can’t get the custom avatars to install, when I click install just nothing happens this happens with a few other mods aswell

  23. Jalen says:

    After I click on Install or Update and start beat saber i get a message titled “Doorstop fatal” I don’t know how to fix it and I don’t know why its happening.

  24. Vortex001 says:

    My Mod Assistant keeps corrupting 7 files from Beat Saber and I see 3 white circles on the left, right and bottom side. Pls help. Thx

  25. khitkhat says:

    i am trying to run modassistant.exe an error pops up saying windows cannot run. please help.

  26. Niko says:

    Beat Saber says that the SongLoader plugin has cancelled loading every time I start the game. What do I do?

    1. elliotttate says:

      Try it now. Modsaber was down this morning. It’s back up and working now!

      1. Niko says:

        It moved the files to a different folder called incompatible plugins. I moved them over to the plugins folder and now I can get custom songs to load although beatsaver doesn’t appear :c then again apparently v 0.12.0 came out right when I tried modding Beat Saber so it’ll prolly be a bit before that plugin is updated.

  27. angela pike says:

    Hi im new to beat saber but absolutley love. i’ve only got it on psvr, is there a way to add mod to it?

    1. elliotttate says:

      Unfortunately, no 🙁 The mods and music are only for the PC version. The devs did say a whole bunch of new song packs are coming out, so at least you’ll be able to get some more really high quality maps that way.

  28. Tim Mensch says:

    Chrome won’t download the installer (or even the source) as of 11/28/2018. It claims it’s malware. 🙁

  29. Mike says:

    Great tool! It enhances the BS experience so much! Thanks a lot

  30. john jenkins says:

    need help cant get beat saber to run at all

  31. sarah says:

    Why isnt this picking up my already downloaded custom songs? I spent so much time downloading songs and now this player doesnt see any of them that are in the custom songs folder…

  32. Alex Siemens says:

    Modsaber now costs money to install. In fact it costs $100 if you want to install all the options.

    1. elliotttate says:

      That was an April Fools prank. Mods will not cost money and actually Modsaber Installer has been discontinued (check the description for the latest updated).

  33. Connor says:

    Also, wherever I download the mod installer it doesn’t show an option for custom songs. The only options are:

    Illusion plugin utils
    Song loader
    Beat saber utils
    Ini file parser

    1. elliotttate says:

      I just updated the description. Modsaber Installer is no longer supported as we’re moving to a new and better solution. Sorry about that!

  34. krazye says:

    this is BROKEN? How do I download the modsaber song plugin so I can play all the 400 or so songs i’ve already downlaoded?

    1. elliotttate says:

      I just updated the description of the current status. The Modsaber Installer will no longer be used and a new installer will be up soon!

  35. shn1999 says:

    I love this game and I really appreciate this Mod Installer. I just wanna ask whether the latest Mod Installer is not supported by game itself and you have to develop a new one or just you want to make a new Mod Installer?
    Cuz I can see several comments which shows their disappointment had been made in Steam today. Those players think the game developers banned the current mods and the Mod Installer. Just wanna figure out the truth. Cuz I really like this game and I don’t think the developers would make such an unwise decision.
    I would really appreciate you if I can get an answer. I don’t want to see this great game and your works be hit with some inappropriate comments. 🙂

  36. obriencj says:

    Excited to see BeatDrop 2.0, could be a really nice one-stop-shop for Beat Saber mods and songs.

    1. disgruntled member says:

      what exactly have you seen? because so far i havent seen jack – want to play my songs ><

  37. Prince says:

    Plss down load saber

  38. Ben says:

    It’s really annoying that I cannot play my songs anymore. I hope the new beatdrop 2.0 will arrive soon. Should really have finished it before breaking the old one. I think the beatsaber devs should include this in the game because it’s a big part of the appeal of beatsaber.

    1. Ben says:

      It seems the link to the manual install explanations is much better then 3 days ago. I was complaining about no new install for the mods, but what can the people here do? The original modder stopped and they have to scramble to get a new version out I guess. I can play with modded songs again! If you really want to, you can follow the manual instructions.

  39. Autchirion says:

    I just tried BeatDrop out, quite a remarkable tool.
    What I’m wondering, will it be able to link to my account to auto install the Songs I have in my Bookmarks? This would be the feature I need for every update of BeatSaber, then I don’t have to search for my old songs again.

    1. elliotttate says:

      Great! We’ll be releasing BeatDrop 2 any day now and it’s been written from the ground up to be quite a bit better, so look out for that!

      The feature that you described is what we built with SyncSaber directly into the game as a plugin, so you don’t even need to open a separate app. SyncSaber creates a playlist of any of your bsaber bookmarks that you can then edit in BeatDrop.

  40. scottybegood says:

    Your last update mentions Beatdrop 2.0 being released “later today or tomorrow” , that was April 7. It is now April 12 and there has been no update. Wondering what is happening with beatdrop 2.0.

    1. Taariq says:

      Thats what i thought, turns out they silently released it

  41. samiullh says:

    Hi. . .
    please guide me , how to install Bear Saber on VR scene . .


  42. YoYspoon says:

    So I just installed beatdrop yesterday and installed bunch of mods and launched my game but nothing shows, and I reinstalled my game and beatdrop then for some reason clicked “scan songs” and beatdrop kept scaning songs for 10+ mins with an empty custom song folder. Tried uninstalling the app, uninstall then clean registry then restart, reinstall, the scan just starts automatically and doesnt stop for ever. 🙁

  43. Luke L says:

    I love Beat Saber, but it always seems to give me trouble. I wanted to install some mods so I downloaded the newest mod installer (I had the previous ones too) and now my Beat Saber refuses to launch. Can anyone help?

  44. Reva Polen says:

    Howdy very cool site!! Man .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally? I’m glad to find a lot of helpful information right here within the publish, we want develop extra techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  45. Alex says:

    Having an issue with beatdrop 2. I have it installed and have all my songs but when I run beatsaber none of my songs or mods are there.

  46. gamer says:

    I have a question.

    I have beat saber 1.01 and I can’t select that option for the version in beatdrop 2.0.
    can somebody help me?

  47. Thuan Nguyen says:

    After I installed the mod it worked until the new update. I reinstall the mod but it does not work and the play button disappear so I cannot play beat saber now. Is there a fix for it? Thanks for your reply.

  48. tksmith28 says:

    Hey guys I installed side quest and got a few songs working, but when I updater bsaber the app will no longer let me add new songs it just cycles through a loading screen saying that it is adding the song indefinitely

  49. Kitsune says:

    I am having problems with the mod I download a song then it downloads but when I go to play the song it doesn’t let me play it what could be the problem??

  50. Joenator says:

    Ever since Beat Saber devs made custom levels, More Songs won’t work in-game. How do you get new songs – especially with custom songs not working properly?

  51. i have the zip downloaded,unpacked, and the INI settings set,where do i put the files?

  52. Devil says:

    Does this work on oculus or quest and if so, how

  53. Aaron Arcangelo says:

    I’m hoping someone might have a suggestion. Multiple custom songs I’ve downloaded work. However, multiple other songs don’t. They show up in custom songs, and when I click on the song, I hear the sample music play, but the right section with difficulty, stats, and the play button just show a loading circle that never goes away. I know these songs work for others because I’ve seen the videos on youtube. I’m using Oculus Rift S.

  54. Deep Web says:

    Kiss Anime is a streaming website which offers users anime movies and television series free of charge. The site is sorted into tabs and categories that would help the user

  55. aedaedfeewa says:

    How do I manually add songs? When I download the zip it has different files than it use to (no ogg or json files).

  56. will says:

    I am using beatdrop 2 with Beatsaber on Steam and whenever I download the sonloader mod my beatsaber stops working. The main menu no longer works, as in I cannot click on solo, party or campaign to start a game. The only button that works is the mod button. I can’t even quit i have to back out and exit the app.

    Anybody else have this problem?

  57. CameraTricks says:

    Adding songs manually is a breeze, particularly thanks to bookmarks and the Syncsaber console. No installs required and no compatibility issues! I miss out on playlists but I’m hoping that Beat Games will eventually make that a feature of the game itself.

    My only questions are about deleting songs.

    1. I delete the song’s folder but what else needs to be updated to make sure it’s really gone and won’t show up in the Custom Songs section any more? For example, is there a cache file that should be deleted?

    2. Will the high score data for deleted songs get purged when Beat Saber reloads the song list? I hope so, but maybe that doesn’t matter.

    Thanks for your help!

  58. MKami says:

    Hello, thanks for the tutorial.

    I tried to mod Beat Saber using Mod Assistant. It worked fine the first song, but then it stop working.
    I don’t know if i installed mods in the correct path.
    Where is the Beat Saber folder if i purchased it from the Oculus Rift store?
    I tried in \Oculus Apps\Software\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber\

    Thanks for the help.

  59. Sticky Fingas says:

    welp, time to listen to indian crazy noisy bizzare town

  60. Gordin says:

    I don’t know why, but my CustomLevels directory is not next to the other Custom* directories, but it’s located at “Beat Saber_Data\CustomLevels” instead. Maybe you could update the guide for the next version so people don’t lose all their songs while updating.

  61. theflduck says:

    Hey all, don’t know if this is the right place, but it would be useful to browse by genre in-game. Without a preview, it would be useful. Just a suggestion!

  62. NativeCode says:

    yeah i’m kind of confused how to download mod assistant because every time i download it, it can’t find my download of beat saber and when i try to find it manually it dosen’t show in the folder but when i’m in file explorer i can see it i have the game on the oculus software

    1. Dušan says:

      I have same problem, do you already know what to do with it?

  63. Sophia says:

    Can anybody else only dowmload 6 songs? Its now working if i download more

  64. SaberGabe says:

    When I try to sync songs I get an error that says customsongpath must be set in song
    Any help?

  65. Jani says:


    I dont know what you guys have done but the site does not work, beatdrop 2 app does not work. I have tried four (4) different browsers, cant preview the song, cant download the zip file. Like, nothing works. Is the problem on the user or on the website?

  66. Zelgiust says:

    Could be very good, if it worked at all …

    It does absolutely nothing.

  67. NEMESIS2K5 says:

    Beat Saber version 1.6.1 released recently (approx two days ago) and mods are not working again. Mod Assistant Manager (version 1.0.28) sees Beat Saber version 1.6.1. is installed; however, no mods are listed on the “Mods” tab. I mainly use the mod to download songs while in-game. I can still download them manually and place them in the folder when Beat Saber is off.

    I will try again in a couple days.

  68. Dušan says:

    Hi, when I open the ModAssistant, I must find my Beat Saber install folder, but anything I give there, naothing works, what should I do with that, can anyone help me please

  69. Adam says:

    I’ve been working on this all afternoon, but it isn’t working for with the Oculus app & the Oculus Rift S on my laptop.

  70. snoopchic says:

    I’m new to this game and adding mods, and I have no idea what I’m doing. I downloaded the mod assistant and I downloaded a song from, but I can’t figure out how to get it to the game? It’s stored in a random temp folder, but I can’t figure out if I need to move it or what to do with it. I think I actually need to extract it, maybe? Please help. I tired to watch the video, but it was moving around too much and it made me sick to my stomach.

    1. mod has abandoned Bsaber and all other Beat Saber projects. good luck

  71. Yvonne says:

    Hi, I can’t download the file as it says this data is not supported by ps4. PS4 cannot download mod??

    1. PS4 has never been able to install custom songs or mods

  72. Wolfpire says:

    My Beat saber folder is installed inside Quest. How do I navigate it there? I see the folder in File explorer, but it’s not visible when I run it through the ModAssistant,

  73. Beatsaber13 says:

    My oculus is saying it has an error and won’t open beat saber. Solutions?

  74. duckers says:

    Beatdrop can’t connect to the servers to fetch songs to download.

  75. k says:

    Beat saber doesn’t load after installing the modassistant… what to do?

  76. TVC15 says:

    Everything installed as described. I see the mod settings button, but there’s no Get More Songs button anywhere. There were no errors or anything, and I ran Beat Saber before trying to install mods.

  77. leno says:

    I still can’t browse for songs within the game. What option should I tick?

  78. Pubselbob says:

    maybe you can update the guide a bit cause it seems like your tutorial is from version 1.0.0 and we are at 1.10.0 atm and some of the things in the gauide arent there anymore

  79. JP says:

    Hi I just installed the mod and everythings works except for the fact that the play button is not clickable anymore. Anyone experience with this bug

  80. matthew grayson robinson says:

    theres no more option for custom sabers????

  81. Brandon says:


  82. ijks2 says:

    so i am trying to install this but it worked perfect on Steam but the game was so unstable as i use a Rift S, wondering if anyone knows how to install mods through the Oculus Launcher version of Beat Saber.

  83. Ceres says:

    Sooo…uh…I’ve been downloading, unzipping, and manually placing songs into my game from this website for a while. This works flawlessly for me but it’s time consuming so I broke down and decided to try this app that claims to make it super simple and easy and etc. But…I don’t get how to use this thing at all. I’m sure whoever wrote this tutorial THOUGHT they were being super descriptive and helpful but it’s actually incredibly vague. I just want to sit at my computer and download songs I choose using my browser. I don’t want to do this from inside the headset. I don’t get how this program/app facilitates that. Furthermore, I’m 100% not interested in modding my game out in any way other than adding songs. I thought this was just a simple app to help me add songs to the game faster…I don’t care about changing sabers or modding the menus or anything like that. : / How do I use this to add songs to my game while sitting at my computer? That’s all I want to know.

    1. Cris says:

      Sameer! Super simple I just download songs in batches, unzip them all at once with 7zip, and then just copy them all to the game folder all at once. Downside is this only adds custom songs and no mods.

  84. MascotRU says:

    Everywhere it is written how to install songs, but not where it is not written how to delete unnecessary custom songs

    1. MascotRU says:

      figured it out. you need to go to Beat Saber_Data and CustomLevels.

  85. afterdarkart says:

    Has anyone had issues with their mods as of the last 3 months? I understand the update really messed with everything, but now I install mods and they basically don’t work. I don’t see them, I don’t see the ‘mods’ tab, I can’t download or search for songs inside of Beat Saber, and my songs can’t be sorted. I’ve literally done everything down to ‘delete the game’ and delete the folder on my SSD, and restart my machine, but upon reinstall, it’s like my mods don’t exist and Mod Assist is just there to make me feel okay.

  86. Mortalitor says:

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  87. Colinpharaoh says:

    Its not as simple as you guys make it out to be. I have a MAC computer desktop ans it isn’t that simple. Threes all sorts of different things you have to do to even begin. Like becoming a developer and creating a organization etc…please let me know otherwise because your steps are missing things as well.

  88. bisnesmies says:

    Im having issues downloading songs.. Seems like the site where you load the songs (bsaver not bsaber) is down and every song i try to load says download failed worked fine before and wanted to add new songs

    1. Teteen03 says:

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  91. Clair says:

    I have the Oculus Quest 2, my BeatSaber is installed onto my actual oculus quest not on my steam account and Mod Assistant can not locate it, how do i fix this?

  92. Dex_1 says:

    This just stopped working. Worked absolutely fine, tried to load up BeatSaber the next day and the mod menu disappeared in game. The downloaded songs are still in the library though. Any ideas? I have it on the oculus platform

  93. James says:

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  96. Is there somewhere a summary what each mod does? On the one hand I’m a bit confused which mod makes the localhost site open (Chatcore) and whether I can delete it. One the other hand I would like to organize my songs better. I’m using mostly the “common songs” section which is a total mess and sometimes just “all songs” so that I can filter at least a bit. But reading the comments here, it seems to me that it hasn’t to be like this. Anybody out there who can help me? 😀

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  108. Bess Jenkins says:

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  109. Beater says:

    Where in the world do you go about manually installing sabers without the mod loader? Its completely unnecessary for unzipping the song folders into the game, sabers should be the same way. Right?

  110. RAJESH says:

    I’m confused about how to download mod assistant because every time I try to download it, it can’t find my download of Beat Saber and when I try to find it manually it doesn’t show in the folder but when I’m in File Explorer I can see it. I have the game on the Oculus software.

    1. RICJUR says:

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    Simply download your custom song from Beast Saber (or elsewhere), which should come as a ZIP file. Unzip it and copy the resulting folder.

  132. Simply download your custom song from Beast Saber (or elsewhere), which should come as a ZIP file. Unzip it and copy the resulting folder.

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    1. Steve Loftus says:

      You can’t, unfortunately. Custom songs and mods aren’t supported at all on PSVR. You’ll need a PC for this specific tutorial. Custom songs and mods are available on the Quest too.

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