Writing Constructive Map Reviews

| February 17, 2024

Learn how to write constructive map reviews 📝

Have you ever played a map that felt a bit unpolished? Perhaps it had offbeat notes or something that just felt uncomfortable. Better yet, maybe you’ve played something that blew you away with perfectly timed notes and a beautiful environment to compliment your favorite song. With the map review feature on BeatSaver, this article will help you give mappers constructive feedback and share your recommendations with other players.

Things to Consider 🤔

Reviews have two parts: A “sentiment” and a comment. Modeled after Steam Reviews, you choose from three options:

  1. I recommend this map

  2. I have mixed feelings about this map

  3. I do not recommend this map

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll need to add a comment backing up your recommendation. Consider the following when writing your review:

Best Practices

Review Dos: 👍

Review Don'ts: 👎

Get Reviewing! ✍️

Mapping is like an art-form and no one is perfect. Not to mention, some mappers spend upwards of 40+ hours on some maps! They have different styles, different tastes, different skill sets, etc. Providing mappers with constructive feedback on where to improve and what to keep doing is the most valuable feedback they can receive – far more valuable than upvotes and downvotes. Keep it in good taste, and remember, all reviews are subject to BeatSaver TOS.

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