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Hey hey! The name's Bytrius, but you can just call me "Byte". I'm a musician who loves rhythm games, like Clone Hero, DDR, and of course Beat Saber. I really enjoy making fun and challenging maps to songs in the genres of metalcore, rock, breakbeat dubstep, hardcore dubstep, and even orchestral stuff, as well as some others. Contact me at Byte#2315 on Discord if you're interested in map commissions! <3

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Hi I'm DeeDee, I discovered Beat Saber in late 2020 through one of my older children. I love playing different genres of maps (dance, alternative rock, electro swing, dubstep, disco, house, K-pop, instrumental, etc...) I play at a lower Expert+ level. 😊 I also make custom maps (mostly Latino). Shout out to everyone who has created this site and community. You guys are absolutely amazing!

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I enjoy anything from acc to speed as long as the map plays well, has interesting patterns and represents the song well. Having a good song is a big bonus. I like different EDM-style music the most but enjoy most music genres if the map fits it.

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I like fun dancy maps that get me into the groove. Tech maps are maps of interest for me, but I am a firm believer that you can make a map techy without sacrificing parity. Also, in my opinion, a good dance map is a good tech map.

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Just another guy creating custom maps on Beatsaber. As you can tell from my charts I'm a big fan of RWBY. Still constantly improving my mapping skills and learning how to make better maps for everyone! ^^

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I love maps where the motions and overall movement feel like they fit with the music especially maps on the slightly techier side whilst still remaining fun, bouncy and relatively comfy. Maps that make you have to move rather then keep your wrists in 1 solitary spot are the ones I love to play.

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I keep my playthroughs of the top diff of each map I curate here.

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hai hai, am LackWiz! I love all kinds of maps, but I have an eye for creativity and effort and lack will pay more attention to things he likes ^u^ Nice to meet you and hop we get along welll~

Lasso Catsidy
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He/Him | Holder of crab | Catboy Cowboy

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Questions or comments? Hit me up on Discord – Maybeemae#3789 💜

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I like maps that have a lot of energy to get my heart rate up (like dance maps), or really interesting patterns I haven't seen before (often found in tech). Sometimes when I want to chill I play maps with gorgeous lightshows and just vibe to the song.

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If the song is really good it's an instant plus. Fun patterns, that play well and represent the music are important. Bonus points for good rhythm choices, and great Chroma lighting is always nice to have as well.

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I make maps sometimes. Specifically fun ones I think. Balanced, dance, tech, fitness, and accuracy are the play styles I enjoy the most both as a mapper and player. Although nothing draws my attention more than a note worthy light show. In terms of music, I enjoy pretty much all walks of life but lean more towards rock, hip-hop, pop, and EDM.

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Have A Question & For whatever reason you think I'm Qualified, Feel free to reach out to me on Discord! [ Phøenix#5713 ]

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Looking for the most comfortable maps out there. They can range from dance to speed, but the flow has to be perfect. Every swing has to be intuitive while properly setting up the hands for the next one. The map patterns are my main focus.

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Hi! I am RateGyro but people just call me "Rate". I'm a mechanical engineer that has a very long background in gaming and music. My discord is RateGyro#1515

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Hi, I'm Scarladore 🍑 Verified fitness mapper and curator. I curate maps that emphasize movement and flowy tech patterns! Playlist of all curations here. Find me on Discord if you wanna chat - Scarladore#9351

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I tend to lean towards tech and dance, but enjoy playing almost anything. Replayability is a huge aspect of what makes a map great, so try to incorporate some great representation and flow, and I'll probably enjoy it! Great lightshows are also a huge plus.

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Classical composer by trade, but found a passion for mapping and lighting along the way. I map all sorts of genres, particularly songs that have a lot of layers to represent creatively. I tend to center around a comfortable mix of tech, dance, and accuracy, depending on the song. I have a huge playlist of songs I want to map at some point — maybe including one of your favorites! Feel free to reach out on Discord: symphonic#0378

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I'm always looking for new gems, as I've already discovered a few just by randomly choosing one. My current fav maps are from songs I previously didn't know, from styles I'm not usually listening to and it excites me to know that there's always something great to discover.

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Senior Curator for BeastSaber. Feel free to reach out to me on Discord at TheCzar1994#9236

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I love a map that I can enjoy simply looking at and think about after I've looked at it.

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I love playing fun dancy maps that get you to move. And i also love playing maps that tell a story.

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I always try to challenge myself while playing Beat Saber, and try to find the best maps that fit my playstyle for that. Personally I enjoy playing the high-end maps and midspeed tech maps from people like CoolingCloset. I'm pretty picky with what map I truely enjoy playing, and only Curate the maps I feel a good connection to.