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Update from game developer Hyperbolic Magnetism and the BEASTSABER team!

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard any official announcements from Hyperbolic Magnetism, but they’ve just released an update on their new Medium page that gives us a rundown of some of the updates that we can expect to see from the official side of Beat Saber.

They joke about rummers that they’ve all been in the Bahamas vacationing, but assure us, they’ve been hard at work on what’s to come for Beat Saber.

Some of the biggest announcements were an update on:

  1. Their official map editor (coming very soon)
  2. The PSVR version that they announced at E3
  3. Their own record label so that they can start giving us new official maps with all new songs!
  4. And a lot of other little things.

At the end of the day, what does this mean for the custom Beat Saber community? Nothing really will change on that end. They’ve provided our dev team with an early version to ensure that when the update is released, the mods will be fully compatible with the update.

You can read their Medium update here

Like they’ve said before, the official level editor will allow exporting of the map files (not the music files) and will not have a way to share the maps in game or online. That’s where this fantastic community comes in.

Thank you for all your fantastic user reviews! Keep inputting those when you can after playing a map! Phase 1 of BEASTSABER has been going fantastically well with over 20,000 unique visitors to the site in just one short week. Our BEASTSABER team has been hard at work getting new curators equipped to add reviews and continue to organize the thousands of fantastic BeatSaber songs that are hidden in the jungle of badly mapped ones. Our dev team has also been working around the clock behind the scenes on the site, prepping for an incredible future full of exciting features and easier ways to allow you to review content (like cough in game?). If you’re a dev or are interested in helping to curate content, please join our Discord and let us know!

Please continue to send us suggestions! We may not be able to address everything immediately, but this site will continue to evolve to fulfill its mission of making fantastic BeatSaber songs easier to find than ever!

ALSO, stay tuned, we have a VERY exciting announcement sometime at the end of this week!! Thanks!!

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    Thanks, you guys do great work.

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