The Ultimate Guide to Beat Saber Custom Songs

There are 65,000+ custom levels available for Beat Saber. This article will help you find what you want and then get playing—whether or not you have a BeastSaber account!

When in doubt, the latest and greatest information can be found on the Beat Saber Modding Group Wiki.

Finding Custom Songs on BeastSaber

There are so many new maps released every day… how do you know which to download? There are a few things to look for before you go wading through search results:

screenshot of a beast saber song listing showing curation, ratings, and reviews

  1. Curated Maps
    These maps have been reviewed by one of our curators and deemed to have met a minimum quality standard. You may even see a “curated review” on the map listing with some more detail. Look for the check mark ✔ in the top row of the song listing.
  2. Map Rating
    Users with the SteamVR version of the game (sorry Oculus users!) can upvote or downvote maps after playing them by using the BeatSaver Voting mod from ModAssistant. Proceed with caution on maps with poor ratings but keep in mind that users may have many reasons for downvoting, a map… not all of them valid! When in doubt, use the Preview/Play button to take a look at the actual map before you download.
  3. Map Reviews
    Not all maps have reviews, but if they do, you’ll see a number from 0.0 to 5.0 in a circle. Yellow circles are user reviews and red circles are curator reviews. Map reviews allow players to share a little more color commentary on why you liked (or didn’t like) a map than a simple upvote or downvote (and mappers love them!).
  4. Follow the Mapper
    Once you’ve found some maps you really enjoy, look at who mapped them, then click on their name to go to their profile page and check out their “Maps” tab to find ALL of their maps in one place.

BeastSaber Search Options

Some of the benefits of looking for songs on BeastSaber instead of in-game is a clearer look at curation, ratings, genres, difficulties, and more. There are several built-in search queries OR you can set your own filters!

screenshot of built-in song searches on BeastSaber

Dynamic search feeds include:

  • Curator Recommended – All curated maps
  • Most Liked This Week – Maps with the most upvotes in a given week
  • Top Rated PP Ranked – A feed of ranked maps with award performance points toward ScoreSaber leaderboards
  • Community Reviews – Maps with user reviews added
  • Community Reviews by Difficulty – Same as above but easier to hit your skill level
  • Sort by In-Game Upvotes – Most liked maps, keep in mind old maps from 2018 may have thousands of likes but sometimes have questionable mapping
  • Browse Songs by Genre – Looking for the perfect map in a genre you love?
  • Browse Songs by Difficulty – The best way to find maps at your skill level when just starting out

You can also just use the site search in the top menu to find songs, artists, mappers, tutorials, community profiles, and more!

Can’t Find What You Want? Start Mapping!

Sometimes you’re looking for a specific song, artist, or genre and getting no results, or you get results but the maps are outside of your skill level. Take matters into your own hands and learn to map! Most mappers in the community got started for this very reason and there are a wealth of resources available to get you started.

Downloading Custom Levels without a BeastSaber Account

Did you know that you can still access and download all of the Beat Saber custom songs here on BeastSaber without a user account? Full accounts are great for setting up a social profile, engaging with other users, or or linking to your own levels if you’re a mapper but it’s not required to get up and running!

For PC VR Users:

If Using ModAssistant (Easiest!)

  1. In ModAssistant, go to OPTIONS and click Enable OneClick Install
  2. Select at least BeatSaver (though you may want the other options as well) and close ModAssistant

screenshot of ModAssistant showing oneclick installs

  1. On BeastSaber, find a song you want to download and click OneClick Install. You may see a confirmation box that your PC is trying to open ModAssistant
  2. The map will be downloaded, unzipped, and added to your CustomLevels folder

Using the OneClick Install button to add a map

If Using the Game Unmodded

  1. On BeastSaber, find a song you want to download and click Download Zip and a zip file of the song you want will be saved to your computer
  2. Extract the zip file as a folder and rename it to the song name.
    1. You can either extract in place and then cut/paste the folder into your CustomLevels folder
    2. Or you can select the path directly to your Custom Levels  folder and extract directly there.

Oculus User folder paths tend to be:

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber\Beat Saber_Data\CustomLevels

Steam User folder paths tend to be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber\Beat Saber_Data\CustomLevels

For Quest VR Users:

Check out this article on the Beat Saber Modding Group wiki for the latest on how to grab songs:

Downloading Custom Levels with a BeastSaber Account

If you have a user account you can continue to use any of the methods above AND you’ll have access to BeatSync to synchronize up to 200 of your BeastSaber bookmarks.

For PC VR Users:

For Quest VR Users:

The BSMG Wiki is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

Comments (25)
  1. Bailey says:

    How do I uninstall something installed using ModAssistant One-click?

    1. helencarnate says:

      @Bailey – If you’re talking about song you installed with OneClick, you can go into your CustomLevels folder and delete the song folder and POOF. If you’re talking about a mod you installed, there’s an uninstall button to the right of each mod in ModAssistant.

  2. Ian says:

    Hello, I jusdt got my oculus quest 2 and I wanna add custom songs, but I cant find the right tutorial. The thing is that I play beat saber using the virtual desktop app, and I dont know how to do it using that method. Can someone help me and give me guidance please?

    My discord, in case someone know how to do it: E. Nygma1116 #4255

  3. oats says:

    ive enabled one click in MA but every single song i try to oneclick install shows:
    Download failed (song link)
    Installing: ( song id number i think)
    some of the songs will then say installed

    1. oats says:

      idk how to edit but i meant to say that the ones that say installed look to be in custom levels folder…but im not sure why it says failed or why some dont finish

      1. RusgaSclo says:

        I’ve noticed that it won’t let you download the same song twice, not sure if that is the issue you’re experiencing.

  4. RusgaSclo says:

    Are there any plans to bring the voting mod to quest?

    1. helencarnate says:

      Sadly, no. Oculus has some weird security settings and a closed API making it impossible for BeatSaver to verify users to prevent voting abuse. I’m a CV1 Rift user and I can’t vote either… but mappers love BeastSaber ratings and reviews as much as they love votes (and sometimes more because they get a better sense of WHY someone rated the way they did)

  5. Marc Rojas says:

    I’m Having a similar problem with the “one click install option” every time i try to dowload a new song, it says ” Done’d download failed”

    And if I try to download the song via Zip, it says something like “HTTp- error-401”

    Am I doing somethig wrong? there is any way to fix this?

    1. helencarnate says:

      Hi Marc – You are NOT doing anything wrong. The main song repository, BeatSaver, is down right now. BeastSaber is just a nicer front end for the songs on BeatSaver so until it’s back up you’ll have difficulty downloading songs. You’re not alone!

  6. Bakugo says:

    why 90% of the songs I want to download don’t work? I click on the download but it opens a google tab with an error “The page does not work If the problem persists, contact the site owner.
    HTTP ERROR 401 ”
    some songs i can download and everything works but 90% of the songs don’t work

    1. helencarnate says:

      Oops… see the comment below for some links to packs that work.

  7. helencarnate says:

    BeastSaber gets its songs from the BeatSaver, which is currently under heavy load and has temporarily shut down. There is no ETA for restoration.

    Some popular maps are “cached” (saved to memory) and may still be downloaded but most are not currently available. We have a couple packs ready to download and unpack to your CustomLevels folder:
    Christmast Contest 2020 https://bsaber.com/bsmg-christmas-contest-2020/
    Curators Pick 2020 https://bsaber.com/curatorspicks2020/

  8. adM says:

    how do i unpack to my custom levels folder?

    1. helencarnate says:

      Download the zip file. Cut it and paste it to your Beat Saber CustomLevels folder (if you’re a PC user). Once it’s in your custom levels folder, right click and go to “Extract All…” and the folders inside should end up in the right spot 😀

      If you’re a quest user, it’ll be a little more complicated (but doable!): https://bsmg.wiki/quest-modding.html#using-your-pc

  9. Christine Devereaux says:

    How do I delete a song?

    1. helencarnate says:

      Quest I’m not 100% sure, but on PC you can just delete the song folder from your CustomLevels folder. There is/used to be a mod that would allow you to delete in game but I don’t know if that’s been updated yet.

  10. bjjmum says:

    Hi I’m trying to download a song.. then click on sync. This isn’t working. It takes me to the sync page where it requests a beast sabre user name and then has a download queue button. I’m amazing I even got to this point all by myself so any help at this fi al stage would be amazing ty xx

    1. helencarnate says:

      Are you on Quest or PC? I think Quest may have some native functionality for this within BMBF but on PC the mod to do this (BeatSync) is broken with no ETA for a replacement.

  11. יונתן טוטי המלך הנסיך הראשון לשמו says:

    Is there any way to sort by language?

    Would be really cool if we could just search for “Only Language” that we like,
    and than when uploading the songs we would get a place to add “Song Language” With the default being “None”.

    1. helencarnate says:

      Language has not been a commonly used tag (mostly only Japanese and Korean were used) and BeatSaver is pretty firmly against having a huge number of tags so it’s unlikely to ever be added there.

  12. 527 says:

    Can i add several tags for map finding at once? Its very time consuming to dive through an entire list without more specific restrictions(

    1. helencarnate says:

      The search here on BeastSaber is pretty rudimentary but you can include/exclude multiple genre tags when searching on BeatSaver.com I’d recommend checking it out!

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