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How To Request a Bsaber Song on Twitch!


1. To request a song on Twitch, go to the Bsaber.com search bar and search for any song, mapper or artist that you want. When you find it, click on the song name.


2. On the song’s page, you can look at the reviews to make sure that it was mapped well, then you can click on the Twitch icon and it’ll automatically add the song request to your clipboard.


3. On Twitch, simply paste it in the chat window and your song will be automatically added to your streamers Beat Saber song queue!


Note: This method of song requesting requires that the streamer have the “Twitch Integration” mod setup. If you’re a streamer, download the plugin here. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any issues using it or setting it up!

Comments (24)
  1. GoldDus036 says:

    fuck i was hopeing this can work on mixer aparently there is no way to do it sadly

    1. There sort of is, it’s a complete kluge but I’ve got song requests working(this morning) on mixer by bridging the chat to twitch-chat.

  2. Lala says:

    Is it possible to hook this up to PS4 version?

    1. TexanszYT says:

      Sadly No Because There Is No Custom Songs

  3. Linkin says:

    What does the last step in the setup to the plugin mean? How do it do it??

  4. Kaden says:

    Do imsomething else

  5. I’m Something else

  6. Luke says:

    how do you add song requests to your own twitch?

  7. Saltycapn says:

    Is there any plans for song request integration with Facebook gaming?

  8. Angel says:

    Can you do 7 years old Remix

  9. !bsr 7 years old remix

  10. Can you play circle of life from lion king

  11. Please DAB and do

  12. Naruto uzumaki is cool

  13. It’s Nerf or nothing

  14. bongobill says:

    I want to be able to REQUEST some songs that AREN’T ON BSABER already but would be great songs for people to play. I don’t have the necessaries to be able to do them myself but desperately want to play them. Can someone direct me to where I can find A SONG REQUEST FORUM please.

    1. #song-requests in BSMG


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