EtherealAlan K-Pop

I Need U – BTS

Difficulties Expert+
19 4

Mapper: EtherealAlan Difficulties: ExpertPlus My First Original Beatmap! Any feedback would be amazing. Playthrough on my Youtube: & Note placement is heavily influenced by BTS cho…



Difficulties Expert
42 2

Mapper: blackblazon Difficulties: Expert This is temporary, will publish polished version in a few Have fun with what i got for now!…


Party – Tokyo Machine

Difficulties Expert+
17 2

Mapper: tylerlocke252 Song: Party by Tokyo Machine Level: Expert + Mapper: Tylerlocke252 BPM: 128 Lighting: Yes @tylerlocke252…


Make your move

Difficulties Hard
4 0

Mapper: Qwertyle Difficulties: Hard This is a Five nights at Freddy’s song called “Make your move” by Dawko & CG5 Note: This is my first beat map and I do not own a VR headset ye…


You’re Fucked

Difficulties Expert
25 0

Mapper: Knuk Difficulties: Expert There’s a severe lack of Ylvis songs in Beat Saber and I intend to fix this. This one is part of a story on Petter Northhug, Norwegian double olympic champion t…



Difficulties Hard Expert
55 6

Mapper: blackblazon Expert Finally releasing Emergency for real! Ill be honest ive been lacking a lot of motivation to map anything right now and it will probably be a while before i get that motivati…