javathemoon K-Pop

Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du by Blackpink

Difficulties Expert
15 6

For the Kpop lovers out there! Here’s a beatmap of Blackpink’s latest hit song. Expert difficulty but can easily be memorized in a few runs. Happy slicing!…

videogamedj Hip Hop Rap


Difficulties Expert
18 10

Mapper: Videogamedj My First Expert MAP! and to Celebrate I will award $50 (Via Paypal) to the person who can achieve/record highest combo rate and highest view count / Likes (Youtube) by the 14/10/20…


Turbo Strawberry

Difficulties Expert+
18 5

Mapper: acidnotation Made a song mostly around being a difficult map. This is note for note, no inaccuracies here. BPM: 200 Notes: 1247 Length: 3:13…


Close to you by Klaas

Difficulties Expert
2 15

Mapper: Halfsoul Klaas is a German DJ and this is my favourite song. I asked him/Planet punk Music if i can use the song and cover. Have fun!…