haltexe Electronic

Randy – Justice

Difficulties Expert
11 37

Mapper: Haltexe This is my first Beat saber track, there’s a small section that doesn’t feel quite right, but I wanted to share this so I don’t sit on the map for years lmao.…

thevrviking Rock

Tool – Vicarious

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
172 87

Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Lighting is done as well. Tool is an enigmatic American band from Los Angeles, California. Members include vocalist Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones, …


Love Potion-Lock that

Difficulties Expert
10 5

Mapper: aiyousaber If you feel good Please leave a message and tell me how your experience is. Thank you for support.


Azazal – I Said Meow

Difficulties Expert
19 7

Mapper: an0nymoose I want to see Full Combos for this one. Good Luck. Please put name of song and my name in description of any YouTube videos that may be made with the song to credit the amaz…