mao Pop
The Greatest Show
Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
68 17

EDIT: There’s two versions of this song. To some of the reviews saying it’s long a dull, make sure you have this newer one as it’s superior and not the longer, older one. BPM: 128 | …

generalgrievance Rock
Thought Contagion
Difficulties Expert
21 6

  Reviewed Expert: While not too much of a challenge, fun rhythms and beautiful lighting lead to this becoming one of my favorite “chill” maps. The track switches excellently between …

Krydar EDM Electronic Instrumental
Difficulties Expert+
70 6

Curator’s Note Got MilK? No, don’t check your fridge, check your CustomSongs folder for this snappy and super fun chart released by Krydar. Clocking in at just over two minutes, it’s short and sweet y…