Fayhe Pop

Leaf – Aleph-null

Difficulties Expert
78 13

Curator’s Note Check this crazy map out, guys. Like the mappers said, it is certainly out of the box. To be categorized as an Expert map might be perfect, but the map charting was far from it. T…

spazz1313 Rock

BABYMETAL – Megitsune

Difficulties Expert
54 12

I had a blast making this chart and had even more of a blast playing it. If you don’t break a sweat then you’re definitely in better shape than I am. Enjoy!…

georgemacfio Meme


Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
22 43

Curator’s Note Pretty interesting since it is only a 6 seconds song. It is gimmicky and makes us test our slashing skills again and again to get onto the leaderboard.   Mapper’s Note …

pigsny Pop

Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

Difficulties Expert
135 53

Reviewed Expert: A pretty fun track. It has a couple spots where the rhythm seemed like it got a little off, but felt on the majority of the song. The patterns were on the basic side, but still decent…