steviation Rap

7 -Seven-

Difficulties Expert Expert+
7 75

Curator’s Note The song hides notes as its main attraction. Apart from that, it’s just a simple chart and might have been released without enough play-testing.   Mapper’s Note T…

grunttsd Video Games

Fun Song Spongebob

Difficulties Expert+
21 26

Some jokes are better left untold. This map is a 1 and done chart. It did leave me with an eye roll and laugh however, thats all it seemed to accomplish. The audio seems to be a YouTube rip of a guita…

chason Pop Rock

Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

Difficulties Hard
13 50

Hard mode. If you typically play Easy or Normal you can still pass this, just hard to 100%. Just like most of my content there are no arrows. Please let me know of any feedback or song requests.…

BeatSaberAddict Metal


Difficulties Expert+
0 72

Curator’s Note Mapping could use a bit of consistency. Some parts were mapped to the drums while others were mapped to the guitar, creating a sense of confusion for someone who was following one…