perfectwallz Electronic
Sorairo days – 96neko
Difficulties Expert
8 5

Reviewed Expert: For most of the song, Sorairo days felt like the difficulty probably should be closer to “hard” as it was a bit sparse in the number of notes. Still it was pretty fun, was all in rhyt…

dvb7 Pop
Charlie Puth – Attention
Difficulties Hard
11 7

A fun map (almost as fun as that tasty bass line) with just a few flaws. DVB7 did a great job on this first map. The issues with the song could be fixed in a few minutes. It’s mainly blocks that…

dreszczyk Electronic J-Pop
Tanuki – Babybaby
Difficulties Expert
7 0

Babybaby is a great futurefunk song that I’m glad got mapped. As for the mapping itself, I would say this is a good map to play. The patterning is simple but varied enough to be satisfying. The …