ejiejidayo Anime


Difficulties Expert
747 20

Mapper: ejiejidayo Voracity is a great example of a custom expert map The song has a great fade in and out, to easily get the player into the song. The notes are all on beat and nothing is ridiculousl…

QTpop K-Pop


Difficulties Hard Expert
154 54

But it’s so typical to say I like you근데 좋아요란 말은 뻔해 It’s not enough to express my heart내 맘 표현하기엔 부족한데 설렌다 ME LIKEY ’nuff said. TWICE is a K-Pop girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the …

Curators Dance EDM


Difficulties Expert+
33 0

Curator’s Note For a 2nd upload, I think this is a real joy to play. It’s marked as an Ex+ map by the mapper and his intention is to ease you into the patterns that exists in higher diffic…