Faded Cheap Thrills Mashup
Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
17 2

Here is a mashup off the Mash of the Titans 5 CD. It is a mashup of Alan Walker – Faded, and Sia- Cheap Thrills ft. Sean Paul. It starts off slow, but the beat definitely picks up. I have includ…

Uso no Hibana
Difficulties Expert
144 4

I might be bias in this review but…. This is my favorite map so far. I love this song and the mapping of it. It literally makes me dance. V2 fixed the missing 3 notes we couldn’t get. If y…

Time Lapse – TheFatRat
Difficulties Expert
120 7

Expert Only Thank you to everyone that supports me! Special thanks to Dowon and the rest of my patreons, and all of my friends! If you appreciate my hard work, and would ever like to support me you ca…

Noisestorm – Timewarp
Difficulties Expert
136 3

Mapper: rustic and fafurion Difficulties: Expert Reviewed Expert: What do you get when two well known and respected map creators decide to take a bad-ass song and apply their combined talents to creat…