Top 12 Beat Saber Tips & Tricks (From the Pros)

Learn how to play at a global top 50 level.

As a regular Beat Saber player, it’s easy to look at the scoreboard after you’ve hit a high score on a song that’s taken you a while to ‘master’, realize you’ve only hit a ~70%, and feel like your accomplishment isn’t worth much of anything at all. That’s pretty much how I felt after continually attempting (and failing) to hit a top 10 score with BennyDaBeast’s mapping of POP/STARS back in December.

So how exactly do the top players do it? I sat down and chatted with a handful of the top 50 highest ranking players in the Beat Saber community for tips and tricks on how to compete at their level. They did not disappoint. Here are 12 of the top tips suggested by the pros.

Tip #1: Don’t Rush Improvement

Deno: “Although it seems like a generic answer, the best way to improve is through time. Play play play, but don’t play to the point where you can hurt yourself. Beat Saber can be very damaging on wrists and arms if done excessively.”


Tip #2: Learn the Scoring System

Deno: “Also, one thing I see a lot of new players do is that they don’t understand the scoring system, which is understandable because it’s not explained in the game. But learning how scoring works is one of the first things a newer player is going to want to learn; the faster you learn how to get the correct angles and precision within your swings the faster you will improve.

On top of this, I think it helps to watch Beat Saber content, whether it be YouTube videos or twitch streams. Taking in this content can allow you to gain insight on how to play from informative content makers.”

Tip #3: Use the Practice Mode

Tino: “I think something many people overlook is the utility of practice mode. When faced with a new pattern that you cannot do, slow down the song, and work your way up faster and faster until you can do that pattern at 100% speed. For my play style, I’d describe it as very static, in regards to body movement at least. I hardly use my body to move the controllers, rather, using mostly my wrists so I can play high bpm patterns with better endurance.”

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  1. I have been playing for months….. how did I not know there was a practice mode!!!
    This page was so helpful as I am stuck at the level I am at and plateaued.

    Thank you

    1. Gayman says:

      Lol you must be blind

  2. bongobill says:

    Playing from the wrists really helps. (I turn my controllers the other way round on my quest so I can grip better)

  3. poke says:

    why is this the only thing that comes up for songs

    1. spicydiglet says:

      pissin’ me off too

    2. Sharq says:

      Wow what happened to this website? They made some changes today and a bunch of stuff is not working. Please revert changes or something.

  4. Sanford Montaigne says:

    fix the website please

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