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The BSMG Holiday Contest

Holiday Voting Time!

We have a new plugin to vote in-game with, courtesy of @moon#0002!
Requires BeatSaberCustomUI

(Steam Download) (Oculus Download)

1. Download the version of the plugin for your platform (SteamVR vs Oculus Home)
2. Download the map playlist here. (follow this guide for how to use playlists)
3. Download the avatars, sabers and platforms here.
4. Put the file in your Plugins folder (Where is that?)
5. Go vote and have fun!

Note: the plugin counts your last vote, so you can’t vote more than once – it simply overrides your previous vote.

There was only 1 platform and 1 avatar submission, so congratulations to the 2 winners:
@DeeJay#7777’s ChristmasMonitorBot avatar
@AkaRaiden#5067’s Christmas Platform

As stated in the rules, there will be one additional winner per every 10 entries. Seeing as there are 24 map entries, there will be 3 winners based on the top 3 maps in vote count. For maps and sabers, the poll will be open until 21:59 UTC on December 24.

Check out all the cool stuff submitted to this year’s contest and give the creators a shoutout if you enjoy what they’ve made! Happy holidays everyone, and thanks to everyone participating in this event

Additional Submissions:

Christmas Sarajevo,

Xmas Saber

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  1. Lucy says:

    How do you play this as in like get it im soo confused tight now
    But that is sooo cool

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