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A month has gone by and there’s been no word on who won the 2018 BSMG Holiday Contest. Who won those awesome VR game keys like the new critically acclaimed Contractors VR, Slightly Heroes, and the all new VR Rhythm Game Synth Riders? Did elliotttate run off with all the Steam keys and sell them on eBay to pay rent this month? We may never know…


Okay, yes we will! I have to apologize profusely. Our family received some sad news and we’ve been picking up the pieces ever since, falling behind on a few things. Again, I’m really sorry to make you all wait. But…Without further ado…

The BSMG proudly presents this year’s winners of the 2018 Holiday Contest.


First up, we have three winners this year for the top Holiday maps. Those winners are:

Aggrogahu for their excellent work on

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Lindsey Stirling


Fefeland for their fantastic job on

Celtic Woman’s version of Carol Of The Bells


And last but not least, Tehsupertoilet for his awesome work on

Saunik – Carol of the bells

Congratulations to you three and enjoy your awesome new VR games!

Next, we have single winners for the Holiday Models – Sabers, Avatars & Platforms.


Congratulations Platoonsgt1 for winning the top saber with a special Christmas Candy Cane saber!

Congratulations to Deejay for creating an amazing Christmas version of the CMB (calling it the Christmas Monitor Bot).

Lastly, congratulations akaraiden for your fantastic work on the snow falling Christmas platform.

He even shared his snow effect for some other fantastic snow falling platforms by other modelers (aww, what a nice guy)


All the rest of you did amazing jobs and the voting was pretty close this year.

Even if you didn’t win, know that you helped make all of our Holiday’s extra special this year and we want to give you all the love and thanks! ❤️

On behalf of the BSMG, thank you everyone who participated and thank you for taking the time to vote! Your votes and reviews are what keep the hard work of moders going.

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  1. METALFALL says:

    Congrats all!! see you in chat <3

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