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The Bsaber.com Review Mod


Finally, there’s an easier way to leave reviews after playing songs. This is very simple and lightweight mod that adds an “Open Bsaber” button whenever you finish playing a map.

When pressed, a page will load in the background so that you can review the maps you opened when you’re finished your playing session. You can also open the “Desktop View” of Steam or Oculus while in-game and leave a basic review from the page that opened automatically (voice to text is nice for this).

Note: This version also automatically adds the map to your “Bsaber Bookmarks” when the page loads. For a version that only opens the page instead, use this version:


To install, simply copy the plugin to your game’s “Plugins” folder.

This is a simple version of what will soon become a whole suite of features to help tag, review and recommend songs, all in-game.

Please let us know if you have any interest in helping with the project!

Please also take a minute to learn more about theĀ Review Criteria

Preview of Upcoming In-Game Review Portion:

Comments (3)
  1. This is going to be very useful, especially when finished. Being able to sort by the average of all the review scores would be quite fitting as a general rating.

  2. friflaj says:

    Is this the only way to vote on bsaber.com? I have a quest so I can’t rate in-game but I can’t find a way to rate songs on the bsaber.com site directly.

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