Blend W – MowtenDew

Difficulties Expert+
44 11

Mapper: tehsupertoilet A re-chart of Blend W as per request. Expert + only no bombs, limited walls Events + forced/ chart specific colors (orange/green) the original song can be found here –…

TehSuperToilet Pop

That Girl – Olly Murs

Difficulties Hard
17 0

Mapper: tehsupertoilet Song – That Girl Hard only Lighting + some obstacles and NO bombs. Here is a song requested by @thanh in the modding discord. It’s a great song to have newer players…


Erothyme – Clay Feet

Difficulties Hard Expert
3 6

Mapper: tehsupertoilet Hard | Expert Lighting + Obstacles Special thanks to Reddrumn for trimming up the song to make it much shorter than its original counterpart. This song has been requested / comm…