Difficulties Expert+
4 1

Mapper: zennysama Re-upload #1 It’s back, and going for ranking AYAYA I was asked to map this without using sliders, and it actually led to something pretty fun!…


Borderland [TV Size]

Difficulties Expert
12 5

Mapper: zennysama A WIP I saved from death! Enjoy! Difficulties: Expert+ BPM: 184 NJS: 24 “You can’t direct armies from your bedsheets.” – Koko Hekmatyar…


soupandreas – JSYK [V2]

Difficulties Expert+
1 2

Mapper: zennysama Difficulties: Expert+ Length: 2:52 BPM: 170 NoteJumpSpeed: 20 Notes: This is a re-upload from my old account (zensaber777) with some minor fixes and less obnoxious lighting. Big than…


No Mana – In My Mind

Difficulties Expert Expert+
8 5

Mapper: zennysama Difficulties: Expert/Expert+ Length: 5:25 BPM: 128 NoteJumpSpeed: 16/18 Notes: Expert is the chill experience, pick Expert+ if you’re bored. Big thanks to RedMagi as always! ♥…