She Turns Me On

Difficulties Expert+
32 4

Mapper: yun0 This map was commissioned by Emperor of the Internet! Difficulty: Expert+ BPM: 200 Notes: 725 NJS: 18 Song duration: 2:00 Event lighting: Very flashy, I’m warning you…


Embryo SDVX

Difficulties Expert+
95 12

Mapper: yun0 The amazing light show was made by Loloppe Difficulty: Expert++ BPM: 220 Notes: 1076 NJS: 19 Song duration: 2:00 Event lighting: Entirely done by Loloppe…



Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
62 17

Mapper: yun0 *re-uploaded to fix spawn offset ~ It’s Fin4lly here, I think this holds record for the longest on-going collab ever. Mystik and I first started working on this back in the begginin…



Difficulties Expert+
776 89

Mapper: yun0 – Fixed vision blocks and the flow breaking double down and double up sections – Fixed the awkward flow from the patterns in the beginning (up-up to double side note) – …


croiX – Team Grimoire

Difficulties Expert+
56 5

Mapper: yun0 This map is bad Difficulty: Expert+ BPM: 160-195 Notes: 1980 Song duration: 4:38 Event lighting: First half done by Yun0, second half done by Jotarome Preview: Parts done (by grid numbers…

yun0 Electronic

Knife Party – 404

Difficulties Expert
177 18

Mapper: yun0 Song: Knife Party – 404 Duration: 2:42 BPM: 128 Notes: 831 Difficulty: Expert only Event lighting This is my first map, feedback is always appreciated! Preview here:…