Xenothas 1.6. Accuracy Anime


Difficulties Easy Normal Hard
31 2

Mapper: Xenothas Cover done by luvbyrd. Another Lofi acc map :). Hope you enjoy. Chill = True Acc. Cozy = Stnd Acc. Comfy = techish Stnd Acc. Shoutout to @Oegoe and @Taddus for feedback and pl…


HBz & S3RL ft Lexi – Heart Thief

Difficulties Expert+
18 5

Mapper: Xenothas Time for another funny poodle map. Thanks @Oegoe for playtesting. Still unsure about some parts, if u have any ideas or feedback: Xenothas#6273.


Departure! (Lofi)

Difficulties Easy Normal
19 0

Mapper: Xenothas Another Chill acc map. Just chill & Acc 🙂 . Chill = True acc. Cozy = Std acc. Thanks to Ixsen for playtesting.


Imagine Dragons – Sharks (True acc)

Difficulties Easy
17 0

Mapper: Xenothas Banger song. Experimental True acc map. Might reup couple of times. Shoutouts to DzRamen, Rocker and Ixsen for giving feedback. If you wanna give Feedback: Xenothas#6273


S3RL – Won’t let you go

Difficulties Expert+
52 7

Mapper: Xenothas First Map and a Poodle one. Took way too long to make, but well here we go. Big shoutout to Ixsen, Licensedtaddus, Lunicrous and Sync for playtesting /giving feedback. And an …