xdannicus Rock


Difficulties Hard Expert
1026 204

Mapper: xdannicus WIADMANNS HEIL by Rammstein. Took alot of time to get this one right. Big shout out to my friends Lavabursted#7207 & Vendehey330 for playtesting for me! Enjoy everyone!

xdannicus Alternative

Closer (NIN)

Difficulties Expert
452 43

Mapper: xdannicus Closer from Nine Inch Nails from the album ‘The Downward Spiral’. More hard than Expert, but has a pretty tough ending section. Good luck and have fun everyone!

xdannicus Rock

Twisted Transistor

Difficulties Expert
597 55

Mapper: xdannicus Twisted Transistor by KoRn from the album See You on the Other Side 🙂 More like a mix between Hard & Expert, but flows well and isn’t like some of the other insane …