tesla coil

Difficulties Expert+
8 2

Mapper: urki-mii electroboom requires noodle cause of poodle. expect lag


4th of july

Difficulties Expert+
2 1

Mapper: urki-mii a shitpost map made by yours truly also beat savers lying theres a lot of parities


shitpost status

Difficulties Expert+
4 2

Mapper: urki-mii dont take this seriously this is a shitmap noodle is required cause i did a funny in the beginning with notemods


My Movie

Difficulties Normal
9 0

Mapper: urki-mii I made this in about 10 minutes give me a fucking break


windows 7

Difficulties Expert
23 2

Mapper: urki-mii yeah another fucking noodle map requires noodle extensions


fm mode

Difficulties Expert+
5 1

Mapper: urki-mii oooooh nooooo Requires Noodle Extensions due to me using PaulMapper


[ModChart] where could my pipe be

Difficulties Expert Expert+
66 6

Mapper: urki-mii lets go a shitty map that has 15 sublimit effects reupload due to me forgetting a fucky wucky Diffs: Where: No Noodle required but needs Chroma Tube: Requires Noodle



Difficulties Easy Expert+
0 0

Mapper: urki-mii what the fuck is this and why is my cpu burning