unluckyL 1.5. Speed 1.6. Accuracy


Difficulties Expert+
13 0

Mapper: unluckyL overmapped jumps yea its not fully linear sorry cant believe it, theres actually 90 degrees its insane thanks tranch for the HELP on the acc section that lasts 6 seconds reup …


succducc – me & u (the sky remix)

Difficulties Expert+
6 1

Mapper: unluckyL hi guys flashes type map (very linear 360 bpm jumps) this is surely fun guys have fun yea yea ending is boring but thats just the song totally didnt steal the audio from some old map


gladde paling – stadium rave

Difficulties Expert Expert+
18 5

Mapper: unluckyL omg omg unreleased song thanks for giving me it gladde paling <3 its not the best map but i think it could be fun [GLADDE PALING FANCLUB – https://discord.gg/pUbqNhdPsV%5D