Young Girl A – siinamota

Difficulties Easy Expert+
10 1

Mapper: uiop327 I made this map a few months ago and never got around to fixing the vision blocks so have fun… Also I am soo sorry for the damage done to your controllers.


Magical Doctor – Maretu

Difficulties Expert+
7 1

Mapper: uiop327 Just a map that I started around 2019-2020 so it has many bad patterns. Very Experimental and techy with lots of stacks and bombs.


Vib Ribbon Opening

Difficulties Easy
36 0

Mapper: uiop327 Easy diff, Accable until the dumb tech parts. Its actually kindof the tutorial and not opening song sorry.


DVRST – Snotty Boy Glow Up Song

Difficulties Hard
37 15

Mapper: uiop327 This is the megamind meme song, I mapped in an hour so it is gonna be bad tech lol. snotty boy glow up meme. The actual song is called close eyes for some reason.


Vib-Ripple Play 4

Difficulties Easy Hard
4 0

Mapper: uiop327 Funny song so I decided to map. It does get pretty repetitive tho… Vib-ribbon and Vib-ripple are some pogger games….