IZANA – t+pazolite vs. P*Light

Difficulties Expert+
11 1

Mapper: that_one_narwhal Had a lot of fun making this Really hope yall enjoy it Might try for a ranked version depends on when i feel like mapping down or making an easier map of it


Party in the Hollowood

Difficulties Expert+
5 0

Mapper: that_one_narwhal HARDCORE! Really love mapping to lyrics and this song made me wanna might do similar things in the future. Maybe ill make multiple diffs later…(don’t count on it)


Oshama Scramble (uncut edition)

Difficulties Expert+
5 1

Mapper: that_one_narwhal LETS DO THIS! Fixed a few problems with old version also changed a part I didn’t like I wanna make this map as enjoyable as I can! Mine do another version idk or…


Deus Ex Machina (Cytus II)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
14 1

Mapper: that_one_narwhal Wanted to make something hard and some what enjoyable kinda a test map to see how I can speed map and also to see if i could make complex parts and not be dummy. Hope …


Clockwork Dragon

Difficulties Easy Expert+
1 1

Mapper: that_one_narwhal Strange map. vibros all around. Thanks Mystrik#0900 for the mod if you didn’t mod this would be left hand hell.


Brostep Strikes Back

Difficulties Expert+
5 11

Mapper: that_one_narwhal First beat map in a while but im proud of my style and will continue to map in the future Video of map:

that_one_narwhal Alternative Rock

Sono Chi No Kioku

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
172 11

Mapper: that_one_narwhal First map that i wanted to upload. This map does has chroma so if you have it I recommend it (especially if you have watched jojo). Also this is the origional OP versi…