Da Tweekaz – Heroes Of Today

Difficulties Expert+
12 1

Mapper: SteffenT Requested by Reinert. They asked someone to make a hardstyle map, and I took on the challenge. I don’t usually like hardstyle, but this song was ok. As usual Video previ…

SteffenT 1.1. Balanced Dubstep

GUTTER – Nostalgia

Difficulties Expert+
20 0

Mapper: SteffenT Another Chroma map by me. I started making this while waiting for my previous map to get tested. I really liked this song and I thought it would be relatively easy to map, con…


Chime – Soda World

Difficulties Expert
10 3

Mapper: SteffenT I tried making a chroma map, and I think it turned out pretty well. The map should be relatively easy which is why I focused mainly on the lights. *The lights look the best if…


DansDemand & Rocco Bunko – Disguise

Difficulties Expert+
4 1

Mapper: SteffenT My second map. I think I did way better this time compared to my previous map. I also spent a lot less time on this one because now I actually know what I’m doing. If yo…