Dirt Monkey – Badman Boom

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
38 3

Mapper: Spinvvy From Dirt Monkey’s album, Depolarize! Includes lightshow w/ 2.4k+ events! Difficulty | NPS Hard (BAD) | 2.05 Expert (MAN) | 2.93 Expert+ (BOOM) | 3.96 Feedback welcome! D…


[Chroma] Subloaded – Death Killer

Difficulties Expert Expert+
37 2

Mapper: Spinvvy From Elan Vital: Saison Quatre! Includes Chroma lightshow w/ 2.7k+ events! Difficulty | NPS Expert (Death) | 1.70 Expert+ (Killer) | 2.71 Feedback welcome! Discord: Spinvvy#464…


Neddie – Somersault

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Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
137 1

Mapper: Spinvvy From Neddie’s Spirit EP! Includes lightshow w/ 3.1k+ events! Also includes V3 edit of the expert+ difficulty! Difficulty | NPS Hard (so) | 2.18 Expert (mer) | 3.18 Expert…

Spinvvy 1.1. Balanced Electronic

Guppi – Uh Oh

Difficulties Expert+
32 1

Mapper: Spinvvy From Guppi’s Drown EP released on Marauda’s music label, Malignant Music! Includes V2 lightshow w/ 3.6k+ events! Expert+ (Uh Oh) | 4.99 NPS Feedback welcome! Discord: Spi…