BS Recall (best version)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
20 3

Mapper: SmallfoxPerhapsMaybe This map is nutz, Probably my biggest mapping project as of yet and definitely one of my best maps. Shout out to Slayx for mapping the lower diffs and being cool 👍…


Dogbite (good version)

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
20 3

Mapper: SmallfoxPerhapsMaybe I’ve been sitting on this map for a while, wanted to get it ranked but ended up not doing it since it’s a bit too out there for a first and I didn̵…

SmallfoxPerhapsMaybe 1.4. Tech

Buta Musou

Difficulties Expert+
4 3

Mapper: SmallfoxPerhapsMaybe Kind of mad tech map made by yours truly Henry and Smallfox Mapper switches at 1:54 How hard can it really be?

SmallfoxPerhapsMaybe 1.4. Tech Kids & Family


Difficulties Expert+
8 6

Mapper: SmallfoxPerhapsMaybe it’s only 250 bpm, how hard can it be? reupped yet another time because one pattern was a bit silly