Hana – Sakura No Uta (Sped Up Ver.)

Difficulties Expert+
6 2

Mapper: Sir_Overswing 5 upvotes for a slower diff (potentially acc/midspeed) it is doable but hurts so good luck extended the final stream to 28 seconds (good l u c k) ps. this anime gorl is v…


Set It Off – Horrible Kids

Difficulties Easy Expert+
1 4

Mapper: Sir_Overswing Decided to make a non-tech jump/fun version of Horrible Kids, probably won’t make lower diffs unless requested, but after much testing and revision, it’s here…


NOA – Monsters

Difficulties Expert+
5 4

Mapper: Sir_Overswing Well well well. Poured some more time into this map and fixed all the issues. It feels fun to play now and is slightly less jarring. The jumps are still fully buffed at 3…