Difficulties Expert+
10 2

Mapper: shyguy418 Did this map deserve a second chance? Well no. But ye I did it anyway. It isn’t really any better.. just more silly.🐢 🐢


🐢 Order!

Difficulties Easy
12 19

Mapper: shyguy418 Did you know that his cat’s name is also Order?? That’s crazy right!? Imagine him going like: Order! Get over here! That would be so funny right?? Haha, and it ju…



Difficulties Expert+
42 9

Mapper: shyguy418 🐢 I honestly had waay too much fun creating this map, someone please stop me..

shyguy418 Drum and Bass

🐢 Fall Away -Feint

Difficulties Hard
22 10

Mapper: shyguy418 My first ever map, I know that it’s not the best so please be gentle 🙂 At least i had a good time creating this map and that’s what matters