t+pazolite – Cheatreal

Difficulties Expert Expert+
8 1

Mapper: shadow boom slight changes are here or somethin like that thanks mods everyone ama, looper, zilian, altrewin, vila, and maybe others ? last reupload i swear for real this time also changed njs…


Chroma – Nijiiro no Hana

Difficulties Hard
9 0

Mapper: shadow reupload #2 for rank on ss Ty for mod altrewin & Skeelie Map info: Song: Nijiiro no Hana Author: Chroma Length: 3:53 BPM: 152 journey to a distant memory ~ (Hard) NJS: 14 Notes/Seco…


a_hisa – Stargazer

Difficulties Expert+
5 1

Mapper: shadow mapped in 2 hours in lnf speed mapping challenge 🙂 might reupload later with 3 diffs for rank Map info: Song: Stargazer Author: a_hisa Length: 2:51 BPM: 150 big boi star (Expert+) NJS: …


Crawk x Capchii – Barbatos

Difficulties Expert+
24 6

Mapper: shadow old map finally finished, some timing errors but its whatever might reupload later to fix issues Map info: Song: Barbatos Author: Crawk x Capchii Length: 1:57 BPM: 230 rotten carol (Exp…