Stand Tall – Pokemon XYZ

Difficulties Expert+
14 10

Mapper: Kslasher_ Hi guys, after practicing creating maps, following several guides and studying the work of other mappers, here is what I would call my first really well done map. This song e…


Jump – BTS

Difficulties Expert+
13 17

Mapper: Kslasher_ Let’s jump guys! This map is compatible with cinema mod. Hope you enjoy!


Telepathy – BTS (V3)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
11 20

Mapper: Kslasher_ (V3) Adjusted the colors. Fixed the blocks, now they go to the rhythm of the music. General difficulty increased. Improved gameplay, blocks that are too hard to hit have been…


Telepathy – BTS

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
8 27

Mapper: Kslasher_ This is the second version of the map and this time it’s great! Lights and blocks are inspired by the original music video. I recommend that you delete the previous ver…