Soulless 5++

Difficulties Expert+
53 11

Mapper: RiskFX It’s finally out <3 The OFFICIAL SEQUAL to Soulless 4++ This map is full of bursts and complex streams, so play at your own risk! I still love you all.. seriously <3…


Up & Down

Difficulties Expert+
147 17

Mapper: RiskFX Most of the maps for this song weren’t mapped pretty well, so I decided to put some creativity together for this one! Hope you all enjoy! ~ RiskiVR


We R Who We R – Kesha

Difficulties Normal Expert
479 20

Mapper: RiskFX Another nostalgic song for you guys! The follow up from Rihanna’s Disturbia map I did about a week ago that blew up like crazy!! Thank you all so much. This one’s go…


Disturbia – Rihanna

Difficulties Normal
297 17

Mapper: RiskFX Figured since no one has mapped this yet, I felt like this needed to be mapped! It’s a great song honestly. This is a chill map, no confusing patterns or fast stuff, this …


F-777 | Space Battle

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
30 11

Mapper: RiskFX Remapped, Remastered, and no copy paste! ^^ My friend kept begging for a reupload of my really old bad map of Space Battle or a remap. So I decided to do both. If you wanna see …



Difficulties Expert+
3 1

Mapper: RiskFX reupload 1: fixed mismaps lol reupload 2: manually fixed the ending reeeee reupload 3: changed the intro cuz nobody liked it. tbh I didn’t either. [I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAS…