rfcaps_ Pop

Bling Bling – Altégo

Difficulties Expert+
53 1

Mapper: rfcaps_ I felt like I had to map this because of mapping I’m Good. Was gonna do more diffs but I am lazy so I took this out of WIP OMG TWO RYAN MAPS IN ONE DAY Thanks WookieOJ fo…


Simulation – Smallpools

Difficulties Normal Hard
76 7

Mapper: rfcaps_ RE-UP ALERT!!! Added a v3 diff that isn’t true acc. It’s got some funny experiments with the arcs and vocals so be prepared. Honestly pls tell me what you think abo…


Golden – Harry Styles

Difficulties Normal
319 8

Mapper: rfcaps_ Speed mapped this for Amanda so we can JAM P.S. Stream Fine Line by Harry Styles Upload 2 because the last map was actual garbage idk what i was on Upload 3 because Olaf and Ro…


O.D. – Adameant, DCS Lefty

Difficulties Easy Expert+
50 1

Mapper: rfcaps_ Chill accable map that I made to vibe to 🙂 Check out DCS Lefty on Spotify for some sick Lo-fi beats and other songs: https://open.spotify.com/artist/39Y0ja9MWC0yMdKMFGu4L7?si=X…