pointedsprite Pop

Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons

Difficulties Hard
317 49

Mapper: pointedsprite Hard only (but still challenging) Lots of Lights Worked on this on and off for about a month. I think it’s pretty fun. Here’s a video of the track for those i…


Moon Prism Power Make Up! – Sailor Moon

Difficulties Expert
27 76

Mapper: pointedsprite Remastered version of my previous track – *Added more notes to make it a tad harder *2nd half of the song is more interactive instead of standing around waiting for…

pointedsprite Video Game

Jumper – Waterflame

Difficulties Expert
27 130

Mapper: pointedsprite This track is pretty difficult. It utilizes bombs in interesting ways to force you into making precise cuts, and tiring body positions. Obstacles are also pretty common i…