Tanger – Audio Combat 31

Difficulties Expert+
4 1

Mapper: PlainYeti THIS MAP IS FOR THE ONLINE FAMILY MAP OFF #1 Map was made in 1 hour, without any changes after the time was up. 1st place B) 1 Diff and lightshow mode are included Chroma Inc…

PlainYeti 1.4. Tech 1.5. Speed Dubstep Electronic

Barely Alive & Nyptane – Electric Lady Ft. XO Eliza (Tanger’s Insanely Fluctuated Out-of-this-Geostationary Orbit Level Everlasting Metafunctioning Nuclear Rave Afterparty Hidden in the Dark Ominous Basement of a McDonald’s in Kentucky Any% Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
29 7

Mapper: PlainYeti Over 6 Hours of Mapping Notes: 3,094 NPS: 7.78 Bombs: 86 Walls: 386 NJS: 23 Spawn Distance Modifier: -0.4 Jump Distance: 22 Discord Contact: PlainYeti#0001