pixxlycube Ambient Electronic Techno

Mind Tree – Paxton

Difficulties Expert
5 5

Mapper: pixxlycube Okay. I’ve about HAD IT with this map. I know, it’s not the first time I have worked with inconsistent BPM. But this one just pushed the limit of what I am willi…


Danger – 8:02

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
210 9

Mapper: pixxlycube Didn’t think I would actually be able to upload this one today, but here we are. First time ever I attempted to make use of json editing inside the map, and oh boy, wa…


Light Club – Fahkeet

Difficulties Expert+
2 7

Mapper: pixxlycube Yey, time to use the new lighting possibilities. I don’t even know, if you can even see anything or not, but honestly, who cares at this point. (I should’ve put …

pixxlycube Rock Techno

King Crimson – Epitaph

Difficulties Hard
130 14

Mapper: pixxlycube Before you ask: 1. No, there are no jojo references. The author happened to have that name and the song was called that, so please blame Araki, not me. 2. You’re gonna…


Magic Sword – The Way Home

Difficulties Expert
28 52

Mapper: pixxlycube And once again, No, you do not swing your sabers at very fast speeds to hit the notes. Not this time. (I accidentally uploaded a broken version first. How should I know that…


Peter Gabriel – My Body is a Cage

Difficulties Normal
8 5

Mapper: pixxlycube Who said I couldn’t make a map out of a song that was most definitely not meant for Beatsaber. I can, and I will. And there is nothing you can do about it.