Nightmargin – Thanks for Everything

Difficulties Normal
1 0

Mapper: pixxlycube I don’t even know if anybody reads what I’m writing here, but I’ll write it anyway. It’s been one year now since I have released my first map. How mu…


LeaF – Aleph-0 (the full song)

Difficulties Expert+
7 1

Mapper: pixxlycube The seventh of eight songs. During my time exploring new songs, I stumbled across the full version of the classical “Aleph-0”. So. Have. Also, I am aware there s…


Chris Allen – Downforce

Difficulties Expert
2 1

Mapper: pixxlycube The fourth of the eight songs for christmas. Yes. Beep boop beep oscilloscope music. I mean. It works, so…


Why did I make this again?

Difficulties Expert+
3 4

Mapper: pixxlycube Soon (Jesus christ beatsaver what kind of stroke are you having? I’m trying to get several songs together for the big christmas release and you have to fuck up everyth…


Danger – 8:02

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
68 6

Mapper: pixxlycube Didn’t think I would actually be able to upload this one today, but here we are. First time ever I attempted to make use of json editing inside the map, and oh boy, wa…


Light Club – Fahkeet

Difficulties Expert+
1 5

Mapper: pixxlycube Yey, time to use the new lighting possibilities. I don’t even know, if you can even see anything or not, but honestly, who cares at this point. (I should’ve put …